Thursday, March 30, 2006

Get deep chick...

tagged again by Cousin Sarah

okay - First Sarah you can't be taggin my husband cause then who am I gonna tag? anyway - Six revealing, strange/quirky things about me
1. I'm good at everything. This isn't a boasting statement. Cause its not exactly a good thing. Really, and it is a curse not a blessing, cause I was never just sooo wonderful at any one thing, I was good at everything I tried - I could never find the thing that I loved to do and wanted to do for a living, cause I was good and enjoyed alot of htings. Musical instruments, Painting, writing, Photography, poetry, drawing, cooking, crafts, most art mediums, so now i'm almost thirty with a bunch of hobbies I'm goodenough to make a living at but a job I hate - go figure. Actually I don't hate my job anymore I just don't want to be doing it for hte next thirty years.
2. i'm afraid of heights, a bit afraid of closed spaces, but I go out of my way to push my phobias. I used to climb trees to prove to myself that my fears don't define me, used to sit in closets ect.
3.Once I cook, I'm no longer hungry. So I could be starving then make soemthing to eat and by the time i'm done I'm no longer hungry. Go figure.
4.I am a shoe person. i love shoes, I never buy them, but I love shoes. My family always thought I was really a tomboy and I was but I really love shoes, I just never really seen the occasion to wear them. Via Spaga, Reiker, I could be a prada whore - I really could. Still love Coach, Salvatore Ferragamo, ect.. really, really love shoes. If I win the lottery - I'm getting a giant shoe closet and getting my shop on, I will also have several different pairs of Puma and Addidas shell tops.
5.I think my sister is cuter than me - even though we look almost exactly alike, but she got a jigglier booty than me and I thought that was strange- i also can't spell for shit- especially when I'm typing, sorry blog world...
6. I have a very guilty conscious. I always think I'm in trouble or I did something wrong. its gotten better as I have gotten older but I hae for people to yell my name across a room or the house, always makes me think i am in trouble.

Taggin my hubby and spoken.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The word was Spoken

Okay so my loser tri-geek-a tops friend Spoken, Has entered Bloggerville – please go by, meet the new chick, take a plate of cookies and be hospitable in welcoming her to the neighborhood.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Tagged by Sarah

10 qualities in a perfect lover/mate.

1, Sense of Humor

You gotta think I’m funny and I need to think your funny. I like to be silly however Jerry has pointed out that my funny isn’t exactly funny…. Of course I disagree but hey – I think he’s funny enough – and funny lookin for sho! See I’m funny

2. Honest

I’ve learned enough throughout love that it’s pretty obvious that you gotta stay pretty honest. I want to know if I can do better, be better and the only way I can learn how is if my family tells me my (fill in the blank) could be better. General white lies are okay (I really like that shirt) but not really necessary as I’m not 19 anymore and the little crap just don’t sting like it used to. But don’t let me find out about the big crap – I simply don’t want to have to deal with it. No hidden lives, extra wife’s, this is not Big Love – which by the way is a great show on HBO you should check it out, I may blog on it later.

3. Durable

I need my mate to be durable. Can take a punch, I like a good sparring partner. Emotionally as well as physical, I like to rough house and wrestle, and sometimes my mouth lets something fly if I had be thinking I would have never said out loud. You gotta be able to work with that, I’m pretty durable too so I can take a little bit.

4. Intellectual

Like Sarah, he doesn’t need to be the Nobel Prize winner but damn it if Jerry couldn’t win one. Jerry asks more questions than anybody I ever met, and don’t not have an answer or not want to give one, then its really on! He needs to question, answer, wonder, contemplate, evaluate, review, research, reask, and repeat – at lest six times. He is the smartest (book smart) man I ever met- then I met his father, my dad is the smartest practical man I ever met.

5. kissin

I like to kiss, I like a kiss that has levels and takes a long time to complete. That goes from hard to soft, from demanding to requesting, I like a kiss that roves, moves, And yes Sarah – great lips are a plus.

6. Optimistic

Its really important for me to deal with people who are glass half full people, life is hard enough with out having to fight against the idea that anything is possible. I like being realistic but realism can be misdiagnosed and really be pessimism. I always want to believe we can try – even if we fail, the try is important and you have to believe we can until we simply can’t.

7. Desire

you gotta want me. And you gotta want other stuff too. I’m a big fan of passion. Slam against the wall, leave bite marks, scratch push pull forget to get undressed heat. I guess its because I’m a physically strong woman and I still like to know my mate can have his way with me. And as far as the other stuff I like to see my mate pour himself into what ever he wants, like to see him on fire about what ever it is that he wants, and wants to do.

8. Fatherful

I chose Jerry not only because of the love he gave me but for the potential I saw in him to be Cammy’s father – this was way before there was a Cammy, or the thought of a Cammy. He had these unlimited reserves just waiting for his children, his family and that was very attractive to me

9. Attractive

I need to like lookin at you – I know it’s a little shallow, but I love to look at Jerry, his skin, his eyes, just love it. His hands – all of him. He is an attractive man – not pretty, but very masculine and male and chocolate and let me stop cause he’s not gonna be home for three more days.

10. Flexible

I need somebody who rolls with me and life. Life doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to be, and if you can bend and flow with it I think you can get through anything as a family. Jerry is the perfect yin to my yang and I think that image is the best because it shows us bending to work together.
I cannot tag anybody Except my hubby that hasn’t been tagged so honey its all you baby

Sunday, March 26, 2006

six days down - four to go...

Well, Cammy is working on bigger sentences, Like – “Mommy, What are you doing?” and “I’m Okay, I got it..” and “Turn up the T.V” yeah – she’s officially a grown up.  
I miss my husband – nothing new there – but happily he’s left us great blog entries, you guys should check them out, they are HILL-larious, leave him a comment by clicking the number near the title,. My choice for new blog was less than inspired, he’d like something lighter – we’ll see what I come up with.
My mom’s birthday is coming up and I gotta figure out if we kids are gonna ante up and do a group gift – or perhaps individual gifts, I know what she wants (group gift) so I can’t go into any specifics since I know she occasionally reads this blog even if she doesn’t comment online – I do get the subtle call afterwards to make it clear she has read my rants. Hi Ma! Moving forward, that being said my fathers birthday is coming upon us too, Everyone in my house was born in April except my brother, he was conveniently born too close to Christmas to make it any better for anybody, and my sisters birthday is the day before mine  – I was told once that if it hadn’t been leap year – we would have had the same birthday- stupid little sister. I had dinner with her last night – Kick Ass crab cakes and steak – of which Cammy at most of but it was great. I’ma hafa have those again soon.   Anyway – I’m hoping they don’t all want the same cake – I’ll be sick of cake by my birthday anyway, so it won’t really matter.
The cat has finally decided that she wants to pay attention to us since jerry isn’t back yet, I guess the thought he’d only be gone a week- HA!I guess a week is and long as she can go without asking for some affection.
Jerry’s Friend Tambora has called to check on us and make sure we are okay- he calls every couple of days, He’s really a great guy. He was the best man – one of two at the wedding. And the older we get the better he becomes. And that’ is a pleasant thing to notice in a man. Sorry ladies he is in a relationship at the moment.
Anyway I’m rambling so I don’t thin too much about missing the husband but including today I got four days left, before I get my honey back. Yippee!!! Anywho, I’m gonna go hang out with my kid, I was hoping my honey would show up online so we could chat before our day really got started.

Friday, March 24, 2006

sorry for them

Quita 3 – Anubis 2

I think I’m winning, we came to a conclusion that I am the pack leader and he really acted totally different after I kicked him out of my bed. Point Quita. He loves that stinky dog food and will do anything to get it – including go in the cage that he hates, -point Quita. I need to walk him more, but he’s doing really well in the back yard. But he got out and jumped on my jeans – leaving giant muddy dog paws on my thighs (point Anubis)  

My co- workers have just pointed out how much their marriages have changed over their years and said they would be glad to get their respective husbands out of the country for ten days. I’ve never felt that way about Jerry – not in all the time we dated and certainly not since we’ve been married (I’ll chalk a lil of that up to newlywed bliss) but I remember feeling that way about someone I cared about – How I couldn’t wait for him to go back where he came from so I could get back to my life. The utter sense of relief when the door closed behind him. I would have a drink and put my world back in order – move books back, put moved items in their homes. And never thought anything about it. Took me years later before I began to think that maybe that wasn’t the kind of love I wanted forever – the kind that looked for a break, rather than longed for the break to be over.   I remember that was one of the things that kept me from going back to that relationship. And it was a big thing for me to admit that. Funny cause Jerry was part of that revelation.  Jerry has always represented the possibility to me, of a greater love. Even in our everyday I know we have our regular days. Days when we roll though and barely notice the other. We’ve structured our life and our love so tightly that it is just now that he is gone for a moment that I realize, its not the dishes, or the wake up calls, or the daddy time with Cammy, or any of the things he does, as a matter of fact – if I was more honest – this time has proven to me how much better I am – for myself when I handle more of the things he has taken over in our lives, much to my dismay and chagrin. Jerry is all the best parts of me, he really does complete me in a way I wasn’t aware when I was single that I wanted or needed.
I remember working so hard when I lived alone to understand who I was, why I was in the place I was in. why my love had failed. How I contributed to that. What my problems were – and most importantly how to like myself. Love me beyond what I could do. If I never wrote another poem, took another photo, painted another picture, I could look in the mirror and love who was looking back. And now I am learning to love who I see through J’s eyes. That is a whole different ball game for me, and totally besides the point.
I guess I was just sad for them, and I pray I feel this way about trips that Jerry takes when he’s fifty. I pray the new never quite wears off, I hope we remember everyday we become a different person than we were yesterday and that we fall in love with that everyday.    

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New to you music...

Well I was playing around and put an old song “if” on my my space page- check it out and tell me what you think – its processing now so it may not be up Just yet – but it will be… Its been a long time since I been in the studio. I even sound young to me. Anyway.

You ever have a perfectly okay day go SOUTH REAL FAST? Yeah – I’ll tell you about it tomorrow when I figure out exactly what in Samsung is going on.


You need a blog – its very cleansing and therapeutic and you so need therapy. So go ahead and sign up for a blog and leave your address in the comments so you can stop being anonymous when you leave comments and I can read what you really think – did you catch the sarcasm?  We’ll call it Spoken Blog. What do you think Geek-a saurus Rex?

War of the Dog and stuff

So, I’ve revamped Jerry’s blog – I was working on a website for a non-profit group and I needed to test out my FTP tool, and lo and behold it works! So Jerry got a new blog out of it. Nifty! Check it out read his tales of Japan.
Dog 1 – Quita 1
So yesterday my cousin John came by I made him dinner and worked with Anubis, who has figured out I’m a way easier push over than Jerry. Yet more difficult in a lot of ways. Cause I make him work for longer stretches of time. I keep him out and on the leash, he knows he’s never off. He will jump through hoops for that Bil-Jak dog food. Its raw-ish and stinks so naturally he loves it. So we been using it as treats for training. He tried that whining thing again last night so I put him outside for three hours, I thought that might freeze some of the complaint right out of him. It did. Point for Quita. So when I put him back in his cage at three a.m he sat there pretty quiet for about an hour, long enough for me to get into a decent sleep, then he pushed out of his cage to come sleep at the foot of my bed –I was too exhausted to argue with his big furry HEAVY butt so Dog gets a point on G.P. We will battle again.
Cammy is doing really well, I think she misses her daddy as much as I do, when I put her to bed she held my face and told me all kinds of things in her toddler babble, that I like to think included I know how you feel mommy. Then she gave me a kiss, cuddled my stuffed orange cat and promptly laid down for bed time and prayers. She got excited every time I said the D word all night and literally jumped out of my lap to point at his picture when I was on line. She such a sweet little girl. Her and Anubis are getting along well, he’s stopped jumping on her so much and knocking her over, she’s started guiding him by his leash and he’s following. We kept him out of his cage with us most of the evening. We’ll probably do it again tonight. He had no accidents made no mistakes out side of sniffing my couch like it was a dog chew. Can’t have him chewing furniture.  
I got homework tonight I left my book at work last night so I gotta do my assignment and study for my quiz extra hard tonight. Although its not a difficult chapter and It will teach me wonderful things to do for my hubby when he gets home.
My girlfriend is having a difficult time and I feel like I’m not being much help. Just being too practical. I understand – I guess as much as one can about a situation that isn’t your own. And I’ve offered as much as I can by way of help. Sometimes I guess I wonder if I am as motivated in difficult situations as I expect the people around me to be. You know, like yes – this part is crappy but man look what I can grow out of this crap! I like to think of stupid people and situations as life’s fertilizer. I guess I just wish I was a better gardener. I don’t suck, but couldn’t make my living as a landscaper either. I’d say I got a green thumb. Speaking of which I need to get the stuff together for my herb garden. THAT’S what I want for my birthday – VERY VERY large terra cotta containers and G.C’s to buy my herbs for this season. That would totally rock. That and some baklava. Anyway how did I get on to gardening? Never you mind. I’m looking forward to more tales from Japan honey, they gotta be more interesting that what is happening here.

Thanks for listening folks.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jerry in Japan...

Jerry in Japan...
Originally uploaded by raquita.
He's there and we got pictures!!! you can click this picture to get to our Flickr page and take a look at all the pics he sent... I'm making a japan set as we speak...

Cammy-isms and other isms

first a Joke, the Best Blonde Joke EVER - click here

now on to less hilarious moments...

Last night was different, Cammy was in a rare mood, very hyper rather early – so I took that for sleepy and put her to bed around nine, ironically I had a headache – that I still have mind you - so that may have influenced my perception. But she woke up around twelve thirty and wanted to chit chat and sleep with me – or rather kick me in the back while I tried to sleep – solution, back to the futon until three when the dog woke me up wanting to go out. I’ve really got to figure out something to shut this dog up in the middle of the night. He’s too smart not to know exactly what he’s doing and at what time, I want to think he’s just too cramped in his cage so I let him sleep on my floor , how ever he just kept waking me up with his cold ass nose and kissing me. So back to the cage for Stinky the big ass dog.
It is nearly midnight in Japan and neither hubby nor Adam are blogging, I’m gonna kick their butts – Adams apparently next year. Jerry’s in about 8 days.

p.s I am not officially jealous of my husbands trip – this is a picture of Japan right now… while here in the lovely STL we got SNOW. Yeah. Exactly.

P.S Congrats Japan on your World BaseBall Classic win - this was honestly the first World event that could honestly be called the World anything - cause the world series is really the american series. Now - I was rooting for Cuba just to piss off the Bush Admin - but Lasting longer than the American team was close enough.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Savage Chicken

feel free to love the chickens man... love the chickens

one day down - nine to go

Well, He has arrived safely. He is currently eating Dinner and having drinks with some of Adams friends.

I am relieved.
Still miss him, but relieved.

I made it to work on time, my Kid needs milk so I gotta stop on my way home and that’s about the jist of it today. I need a nap. Will update again soon.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Note to husband -

First - umbrellas were in the foyer on the bookshelf... - Love Spoken

Credit Cards were in the car - love wife

Going back to cleaning house now....

So it begins....

I put him on a plane this morning , we left at Quarter to six, got to the airport at six - I left him at the metal detectors at roughly 6:45.

I cried in the car until seven.

Pulled it together and then lost it again when my girlfriend opened the door to let me into the house. She's a loser, she did that on purpose. So I went to get into bed and didn't want to sleep in there if he wasn't coming eventually, so I slept on the futon in Cammy's room.

Day one has started and now - I'm about to do more cleaning - we left the house in a hurricane of Cammy and daddy. Daddy's every article of clothing not packed is stratigicly placed all over the house. Cammy ran around her room with baby powder - so its a white Sunday. I'm going back to bed,

Friday, March 17, 2006

Countdown to seperation... and reunion

Fear of the Flat –Leaver

Okay. Lately my husband and I are over analyzing our relationship. Emails filled with “Are you okay’s” and “What do you need to be happy’s” have been floating between us enough to make my work output a bit more negative than I’d like. I’ve been a tad – moody, as of late, everything and every one annoys me. EVERYONE, if I spoke to you on the phone its safe to assume I hung up the phone annoyed (although totally not your fault – well most of you), my father excluded, cause he got on the phone with me and he was annoyed so we got to be annoyed together. Anyway one of the main reason why I love my husband is that he won’t let us be average or less than average for longer than the time it takes for him to realize that is what is happening. So I expect I’m missing him before he’s gone and he’s trying to enjoy us before he leaves.  
We are in the process of packing him up to go, my mom has become very, very concerned with our ability to get him out of the country properly and then back in with out national guard and air marshals filling him full of smoky close range metal while he’s holding a wallet asking to be let off the plane, funny now that I think about it I can understand her concern. She has called to make sure Jerry has everything he needs and I am taking half a day to make sure we got EVERYTHING he could possibly need, a sandwich for the plane, some snacks, headphones all of his audio books and stuff for his phone, possibly a extra battery, batteries for the camera, passwords for my online stuff so he can put everything up on flickr, all of his paper work, and copies here in case of emergency. Oh yeah- clothes and shoes, I think he may need tennis shoes for all the walking, underwear, we need to make sure Adam doesn’t need anything else cause Jerry’s packing includes all the stuff people want to send Adam. You know, clothes, cheese, -yes cheese. Apparently they don’t have much cheese in Japan. Mexican food makings. You know, bare necessities.
But even as I do all of this to send him away I cannot wait for him to be back home, to tell me great stories of his adventures in Japan, to tell me all of the things he wants to show Cammy and I when we go next year, so I can tell him how wrong he was about how little I would miss him. My photo taking will be a lot more skeet once Jerry leaves – he’s taking my baby, my pentax (be safe my love), and I will have to wrestle my Olympia from my mom – you know borrow my camera back for an afternoon. I’m not sure I will be successful, I may just JACK my sisters camera – I think I’m gonna take Cam to the Magic House and  I gotta get pictures of that, maybe we’ll make it back out to the butterfly house. Maybe I’ll just buy a trailer and start our bike rides with Anubis. We’ll see – thus a new little adventure.

I’ll holla!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

MTV's the Shop

Okay all this show proves is all the Negros don't need a TV show, between this a Flavor of Love I need to cancel the cable, fo sho.

Monday, March 13, 2006

too much man not enough do it yourself books

It has been a LONG weekend,
When your weekend includes someone asking “you’re not gonna blog about this are you?” you know its been longer than it really needed to be.
We spent a lovely easy day in the park on Saturday. Found out a girlfriend of mine is pregnant and another must have surgery. Floetry is coming to town the day after my birthday which is great, but Jerry and Spoken both want to throw me a birthday party. I don’t do birthday parties. Spoken wants to make sure I have birthday cake but with the VAST number of birthdays before mine I really really don’t want cake by the time my birthday comes around.
Any way – I guess I ought to get to the story. Sunday morning, Jerry woke up feeling rather Bob Villa-ish, now those of you who were reading at the time of the washing machine know, while we want Jerry to become more do it yourself capable, right now we try to keep him focused on smaller projects until he gets his bearings and we get the savings to be able to hire a professional should something go terribly wrong.
You see Jerry has a very Cliff Huxtable thing going on – as a matter of fact I’m going sweater shopping this weekend. For those of you who missed the ten years of television that included Cliff trying to fix any number of minor household mishaps much to the amusement of wife Claire, come to my house for reruns. And by the way per my girlfriend I am playing the Claire roll perfectly.
Anyway back to the fix it project.
We have had a leaky sink for at least a week. Joe, my friend who - ahem – “helped” fix the washer last time said we needed a new faucet. I said we just need to replace the washer in the faucet, as did my girlfriend and my grandmother – remember this part – three women said a various stages in the last seven days it just needs a washer. Jerry wakes up on Sunday morning not feeling going to church, but going to the temple of Home Depot. Now first I was annoyed by this because I can get him to wake up for anything but church, and that would be fine if he would just say – “Hey, I don’t wanna go,” or “I don’t like the church,” or “I was just playing the roll to get you to date me, but I’m just not down..”   anything, anything at all but “Baby, I really want to go to church with you and Cammy,” then magically forget on Sunday morning. Tis one of my pet peeves. Anyway. I brush off my annoyance and say, “that’s fine honey – what ever you need to do.” Because I really do want him to be more comfortable with home improvement and fixing and building, cause I really want to do the home improvements in our home ourselves. So I walk into the bathroom to find him under the sink.
Huh? Why are you under the sink?
“I think the problem is this pipe right here,”
you think the pipe under the sink is the problem with the leak from the faucet mouth?
“yeah – I’m just gonna take this pipe off and replace it and everything should be okay,”
But baby I think you just need to change the washer out.
“nah – its this pipe, I’m gonna go to home depot – I’ll be right back okay.”
Be Claire, be Claire – Okay baby,
So he takes off this pipe and takes it to home depot and forgets his wallet, comes home goes back and comes home with the wrong pipe, brings a toilet pipe – it doesn’t fit, he goes back and comes home with the right pipe. Mind you during this time – my girlfriend is asleep on my couch – its noon-ish and I’m trying to clean house – and Cammy has turned into Destructa the toddler from hell. First - it is the most annoying thing in the world for me to have to clean around someone asleep during the prime parts of the day. If I had a guest room – it wouldn’t bother me in the least that she was asleep in there but she’s sleepin on my couch man, in the middle of the room I have to clean, I’ve tried sending her to Cammy’s room but she never quite makes it. Cammy – she has decided that the toilet is a water park and she’s got free passes. She is running around tossing in various toys, not really interested in breakfast, not really interested in helping mommy clean her room, (sign of things to come) She’s gotten into hair grease, lemon head candy, the oatmeal as a facial, undoing the bookshelf I just put back, ect. I am frustrated. Then Hubby comes home – with the pipe, not the washers cause I couldn’t possibly be right here. And puts the new pipe on and starts the water back up- by this time girlfriend has gotten the hint and was cleaning the kitchen. However now, the faucet is still leaking as is the shut off valve under the sink where the pipe was connected.
So turn it back off and reattach it honey.
“I think I broke the valve.”
Why do you think you broke the valve?
“Cause now the pipe is leaking.”
You couldn’t have just put it on wrong?
“nope I think I broke the valve.”
Can you turn off the water, and just try and reattach it?
“I can’t get the water off.”
“It won’t go off,”
then go downstairs and turn off all the water to the house.
“I don’t know where that is.”
You don’t know where the hot water heater is?
You don’t know how to turn off the water?
“no can you do it?”
Excuse? You are working on plumbing- you know what never mind. I’ll be back.
Coming back after attempting to shut of only the hot water, that didn’t work, just shut off all the water, Jerry.
“Okay. So can you call your father.?”
Sure thing honey. Hey dad we got water shooting out of lots of incorrect holes and Jerry’s needing a little help. Okay dad, see you in a bit.
Jerry then calls Joe, who’s like “you need to put a whole new valve on – and you’ll need a blow torch for that.”
No Jerry you cannot go rent a blow torch from home depot.
So we sit around with no water for a few hours until my dad gets there, and they go over what Jerry has done and is trying to do, and come out and say,
“Oh, we just need a washer.”
(insert blank face here)…………
Yeah exactly.
And on the back side my girlfriend was giving me a headache because she has no idea how to just sit back and let a man be a man.
She’s like – “Can’t we just tell him it needs a washer?”
We did already. He’s got to go through the motions.
“But it just needs a washer.”
Not a word.
Not one.
Rinse and repeat, a zillion times.
This is why she’s single and will probably be single for a little while. While you think this is harsh of me – she said so her self. And I quote.
“I’m never gonna get married if I have to be like you Quita. I can kill my own bugs, change my own oil, fix my own sink, what do I need a man for.” I’ll let the squeaking you overhear tonight answer that question.
But really, it seems strange to me that the idea of just letting your mate be your mate was too much for her to handle. You mean let your man learn on his own and not push him to the side when he’s trying to learn, cause you may already know the answer. Well maybe on occasion its easier and cheaper to try and tell him, but you can’t ask for a man and then get mad when he flexes him man muscles, grunts and shows you exactly where he stores the testosterone . I think its kinds cute. My biggest concern with this bout of Mr. Fix it was, if he had broken the main valve and tried to fix it with a blow torch- we can’t afford the thousand dollar deductible that the home insurance would have charged to replace our home.
In the end though he and my dad fixed the leak with a washer, then we made burgers and fries, and he got to be male over the grill with his friends and our big ass male dog. Funny how six ovaries are no where near as believable as two testicles.

I’m going to go bathe in estrogen now. Excuse me.

P.S my midterm went average, I think my teacher has it in for me – too many people have noticed for that not to be the case, I can’t just chalk this up to he’s just trying to bring out the best in me.. anyway I’ll keep plugging away at it.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

He looks like Who?

or perhaps...

Monday, March 06, 2006

All in a day - or month or whatever...

Hey all.. its been a while – but I’ve had valid reasons – I’ve started this post a half a dozen times but I swear I’m gonna get it up today.
First originally – our computer fried. DEAD. And that kept me from doing all kinds of important computer things. But my husband being the sexy bastard that he is was
the MAN
able to fix it rather than buy a whole new one, for the low low price of two hundred dollars. He still hasn’t slaved my C drive back on so I can get to my work – but at least its not a black screen. Hey – he’s sexy but not focused. But neither am I all the time, so I guess we are even. He’s getting ready for his trip to Japan- I can’t really believe he gonna be gone for so long, and I know I’m gonna miss him terribly, I can’t really wrap my head around him being gone for so long, we’ve never spent more than three days apart, and shoot – that only happened ONCE! So, I’m a little crabby and nervous about it, but I so want him to have a great time. And I’m sure he will, Adam will take great care of him.
Cammy is becoming a big girl on me – we moved her bed into her room, and bought her
big girl sheets and a pillow. We moved everything around and it almost all fit, some of her older toys are gonna have to move down stairs. And I need to go through her closet and get all of those clothes she has out grown to make room for out spring shopping! She’s happy and enjoying her room, loves to jump on her bed. Likes to be able to go in there and be by her self – she has even put her self down for a nap. She also called me by my first name – so I know I’m in big trouble.
Class is going well I have a midterm on Thursday, and I’m trying to study so pray for me, I’ve got to do some practice baking this week, so I can be sharp. Got a zillion vocab words to remember and mixing methods and all kinds of stuff.
Anubis the big dog is well big. (see Anubis and Cammy picture for reference) He’s doing great in his obedience class gaining levels really really fast, he’s a very smart dog. We met a lot of his siblings at the class. And while they are all beautiful pups Anubis is the most handsome pup, not biased either – a lot of people said so. He’s gaining some coordination and he’s still very slobbery but a wonderful boy, we really did get the pick of the litter I think, however a big dog bit me a week ago in obedience class - wasn’t pretty big mouth on my hand, I was swollen and not exactly a happy camper about it but I was a good sport. Not I’m not suing the owner. It wasn’t that serious and it was just a puncture wound – not like he mauled me or anything. And I wasn’t paying attention so I should have been able to dodge it. So I’ll take my points for that one.
And we bought a car. We traded in little Blue – our Chevy tracker for a bigger badder Chevy- a trailblazer. Cammy is no longer kicking me in the shoulder and everyone can fit as well as a few guests and our giant ass dog. And we lowered our monthly payment. Gotta LOVE that part. We are gonna get vanity plates that say Cammy Wagon or something like that.
A friend got married over the weekend, and while I was invited I didn’t go. And while baby sitters didn’t quite work out – I prolly could have made it happen if I not dog tired, but part of me is glad I didn’t go. Its my ex’s family. You ever wish you could keep the family and not marry the guy to do it? That’s where I am with that. I saw him for the first time in like five years, and was surprised. He looked so much smaller than I remember. Not just thinner – but smaller. Like man I had you up on a pedestal and on regular ground you are just a guy – smaller. My girl said it was just that all the things that drew me to him just aren’t the same for me – I’m not the same as I was when I was with him so naturally you can look back on that part of your past and appreciate it for what it was but not long for it at all. Cause I fully expected there to be some kind of twinge, or memory or pull, or anything, and there wasn’t. And that was freeing. To know the person who you always expected to have some sort of hold on you – doesn’t. And when I got home I was so glad to see my husband and feel everything I feel when he touches me, and the tingle I still get down my spine when he kisses me I was really really glad for it. To know the person you gave your whole self to, who you want to have a hold over you has it, is so comforting. Love really is what you make with whom you make it. Go make love people.

My Urbis handle is Queue. And I’ve been putting this up a little bit at a time – Sarah send me some more exercises, I’m dying to write –even if I don’t have the time!