Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cammy-isms and other isms

first a Joke, the Best Blonde Joke EVER - click here

now on to less hilarious moments...

Last night was different, Cammy was in a rare mood, very hyper rather early – so I took that for sleepy and put her to bed around nine, ironically I had a headache – that I still have mind you - so that may have influenced my perception. But she woke up around twelve thirty and wanted to chit chat and sleep with me – or rather kick me in the back while I tried to sleep – solution, back to the futon until three when the dog woke me up wanting to go out. I’ve really got to figure out something to shut this dog up in the middle of the night. He’s too smart not to know exactly what he’s doing and at what time, I want to think he’s just too cramped in his cage so I let him sleep on my floor , how ever he just kept waking me up with his cold ass nose and kissing me. So back to the cage for Stinky the big ass dog.
It is nearly midnight in Japan and neither hubby nor Adam are blogging, I’m gonna kick their butts – Adams apparently next year. Jerry’s in about 8 days.

p.s I am not officially jealous of my husbands trip – this is a picture of Japan right now… while here in the lovely STL we got SNOW. Yeah. Exactly.

P.S Congrats Japan on your World BaseBall Classic win - this was honestly the first World event that could honestly be called the World anything - cause the world series is really the american series. Now - I was rooting for Cuba just to piss off the Bush Admin - but Lasting longer than the American team was close enough.


Blogger Aeshema the Fury said...

Hey All...Im in the dirty dirty miyahara or the M-side. Just finished a full day of walking around like a mutherfucker who aint got a car, riding the train and waving my BADASS JR Pass at the astonished train officials, get the hairy eyeballs from slant eyes who I knocked into with my big bag, eating various versions of 'Roasted Meat on Stick' and taking lots of pictures of shit that wasnt moving. Its been Great. Some notes to those who have posted here previously (and I'll go into more detail on my own blog once I upload the pics...Adams computer has naught but porn on it so it was only marginally usefull until I jiggered it up):

-Copasetic Soul: Dude, inbetween my adventures with the sink, leaving for Japan, and um...leaving for Japan, I totally forgot about the links for the phone. If you go to www.everythingtreo.com and look at the forum you can see peoples lists of the programs they cant live without.

-Spoken: Thanks for the support of my wife. If I had known she was gonna CRY after I left, I dont think I could have gone. We BOTH searched the car...Where the fuck were the cards???

-Cammy: Put that Down!! I said put it down! Be a good girl and get daddy his foot lotion and elbow ointments. Thank you sweetie! Hows a kiss? No? Fine....how about Nemo? NEMO!! Mommy, go put Nemo on the television. Its time for us to take a 'Nap'

-Raquita: Babe I love you and I will post on my blog. Just wanted to make it known. I had to download the flickr uploader as well as Mozilla And Trillian. It says we got a bandwidth of 2gb a month, will I fuck that up by uploading all these pictures?


10:26 AM  
Blogger Queue said...

No baby you won't just post it all and don't worry about it, and don't forget to back all of those pics up! i love you and I knew you wouldn't go if I cried so I did what all good wives do, made you think you spit on me... Love you

10:34 AM  
Anonymous chelle said...

aww you too are so cute..

10:46 AM  
Blogger Aeshema the Fury said...

made me think I spit on you??? what the heezy? WHAT CHU TALKING BOUT, QUITA??

11:52 AM  
Blogger Queue said...

At the metal detector, we were saying bye and You said - are you crying... no - I just spit on you... but alas that was a tear..

1:37 PM  

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