Saturday, January 29, 2005


Okay - here we are in all of our glory

Quita – that’s me, Poet, mom, computer geek, almost thirty something blogging chick, who is totally in love with her husband and daughter, and so there for my friends. I am currently in school to get my culinary arts degree.

Jerry – Man o the house – husband, best friend, and future best selling novelist, you can read his take on our madness here – as he has been sucked into the world of blogging too. He’s big into talking and role-playing – and not the fun for this girl kind, so I am learning to enjoy talking way more than I’m used to. He’s a gamer and hopes to groom our daughter into her gamer heritage as soon as she can hold an xbox remote.

Cammy – the daughter- Cutest smart kid on the planet. She’s in toddler aged and open for photos and saying funny cool stuff. So the blog is pretty much where her future husband should come to find all the embarrassing moments she won’t let me tell him about.

Gigi- My mom – totally into the whole grandma thing only she doesn’t want to be called grandma –and that’s okay since Cammy has at least SIX grandmothers. She’s very into the parenting over your shoulder. But that’s okay – pay back is a bitch, and I had it coming – I wasn’t the best teen ever. She is a Real estate agent (if you are buying in St Louis you’d do great to use her – she really is awesome at her job – I’d use her if I weren’t her kid.) Check out her website at if it doesn’t work – blame me I’m her webmaster.

Popi- My dad and Cammy’s heart – I thinks she’s trying to take him from me – my dad says I’m crazy but I see how she looks at me when I hug him, she gets all mad and tries to jump in and break up my hug. H’s MY daddy. She’s got her own.

Mr. Henderson – my father in law- he’s the smartest man I know – (book smart) still slightly intimidating – hence the Mr. Henderson moniker.

Adam – My white boy – Jerry’s best friend currently in Japan – See his blog here – totally our heart and we miss him so. Lives on Guinness, Del Taco and what ever he can get at our house.

TiTo- a couple friend our ours Ti – is the female half To is the male half. To is the producer of my poetry CD, Ti is my favorite person to pick on. Her and her cat Jinks give me way too much ammo for my blog you will read about them more than they would like you to.

Granny – is my grand mother – currently being stole by Jerry and she keeps Cammy on a daily basis. Postal retiree – she is not to be messed with. She is my favorite Grand person easily.

Joe- My best friend, and best extra white boy, terminally doomed friend. he has a blog he just doesn't update it. Currently stuck in perpetual girlfriend drama, one day he will figure it all out, and the next he'll get hit by a train, on a street with out tracks, yep he got it like that.

spoken - my other best friend, psycho. Very psycho. Blog here and yeah shes psycho.


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