Sunday, January 16, 2005

About actors who have a false sense of everything...

I was reading the new this morning and in the entertainment section I found this,

AUSTIN, Texas - Actor Jason Patric has sued an Austin police officer for allegedly violating his civil rights by using excessive force and falsely imprisoning him in March.
AP Photo

Patric, 38, was charged with public intoxication and evading arrest after being stopped by an officer while walking with a group of friends in the city.
The charges were dropped a month later after prosecutors cast doubt on the evidence.
Patric claims in the lawsuit that he "was doing nothing illegal, was sober and was clearly not a danger to himself or to others."
A police spokeswoman declined comment late Friday, saying the department had not seen the lawsuit.

I found it hilarious that this young actor is offended by the way police treat people on an everyday basis. If you know how many times I have been pulled over and removed from my vehicle forcefully handcuffed, detained in a cruiser then released after an hour for no reason, or arrested on a warrant that they claim was unpaid from my horrible driving days as a teenager for running a stop sign (which I've paid by lawyer at least three times- and have had the paper work in the car with me at least twice) Maybe this would be funnier to you. But I'm not an actor so maybe that makes all the difference.


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