Saturday, January 29, 2005

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Feel free to contact me at Raquita at gmail dot com (I'm avoiding the spam bots; just substitute an ampersand, period, etc.). Comments left here and sent via e-mail are always fun and welcome and if you happen to have questions about your At&T or SBC service please feel free to contact me I was in sales until 05, and I have all the contacts to try and make any problem go away and I will do my very best – I only ask that if you need to buy something from SBC/At&T (DSL, Dish network, Dial Up basic service or even something simple like Caller ID- I’ve been put on a new task force at work and they are watching how many people I tell about SBC/At&T – and ironically I hate sales that’s why I switched departments) if you need any of that stuff that you use promo code RJ2545 or call me first before you do. I scratch your back you scratch mine.
If you happen to have questions about my family or me or my politics I ask that you keep those questions civil and non-psycho. I’d hate to have to open a can of whopass up over the internet and I know you don’t want that either.
Now a few persons have asked me my opinion of posting pictures of my kid on the internet, and I’ll give you my logic on the subject. Cam is my life – I love her more than anything. However our family has a unique, although less so now than at our beginning, relationship with the internet. I met Jerry over the internet. So we are more prone to seeing the positives about the internet rather than magnifying the negatives. Cammy is never alone – never with strangers, never kept by people we don’t know and trust and even then we are vigilant about her safety. That being said I try really hard not to give specifics about our life, but I use this blog to keep my family in the know. We (we being I ) don’t make calls well, don’t visit as often as I’d like, don’t mail often enough, don’t always know what to say – how ever I e-mail like its nobodies business, So I keep pictures of my Cammy online cause my family is all digital and they can find it, and just because you cool anonymous people have happened across our wonderful slice of the internet, I’m not necessarily gonna change my original goal, and I refuse to keep her beauty under wraps – since some great modeling tycoon will see her and put her on the cover of every child and parenting magazine across the nation and she’ll make enough money to get through private grade and secondary schools, the college of her choice and medical or law school if she so chooses, and THAT would totally rock. Besides you could just contact me or leave a comment and then I can know exactly who is looking at my family.


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I'm curious about the culinary arts -- how long have you been going? What made you decide to go? Do you have a favorite dish to make? Talk food to me! I love to cook, so I'm all ears.

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