Friday, March 17, 2006

Countdown to seperation... and reunion

Fear of the Flat –Leaver

Okay. Lately my husband and I are over analyzing our relationship. Emails filled with “Are you okay’s” and “What do you need to be happy’s” have been floating between us enough to make my work output a bit more negative than I’d like. I’ve been a tad – moody, as of late, everything and every one annoys me. EVERYONE, if I spoke to you on the phone its safe to assume I hung up the phone annoyed (although totally not your fault – well most of you), my father excluded, cause he got on the phone with me and he was annoyed so we got to be annoyed together. Anyway one of the main reason why I love my husband is that he won’t let us be average or less than average for longer than the time it takes for him to realize that is what is happening. So I expect I’m missing him before he’s gone and he’s trying to enjoy us before he leaves.  
We are in the process of packing him up to go, my mom has become very, very concerned with our ability to get him out of the country properly and then back in with out national guard and air marshals filling him full of smoky close range metal while he’s holding a wallet asking to be let off the plane, funny now that I think about it I can understand her concern. She has called to make sure Jerry has everything he needs and I am taking half a day to make sure we got EVERYTHING he could possibly need, a sandwich for the plane, some snacks, headphones all of his audio books and stuff for his phone, possibly a extra battery, batteries for the camera, passwords for my online stuff so he can put everything up on flickr, all of his paper work, and copies here in case of emergency. Oh yeah- clothes and shoes, I think he may need tennis shoes for all the walking, underwear, we need to make sure Adam doesn’t need anything else cause Jerry’s packing includes all the stuff people want to send Adam. You know, clothes, cheese, -yes cheese. Apparently they don’t have much cheese in Japan. Mexican food makings. You know, bare necessities.
But even as I do all of this to send him away I cannot wait for him to be back home, to tell me great stories of his adventures in Japan, to tell me all of the things he wants to show Cammy and I when we go next year, so I can tell him how wrong he was about how little I would miss him. My photo taking will be a lot more skeet once Jerry leaves – he’s taking my baby, my pentax (be safe my love), and I will have to wrestle my Olympia from my mom – you know borrow my camera back for an afternoon. I’m not sure I will be successful, I may just JACK my sisters camera – I think I’m gonna take Cam to the Magic House and  I gotta get pictures of that, maybe we’ll make it back out to the butterfly house. Maybe I’ll just buy a trailer and start our bike rides with Anubis. We’ll see – thus a new little adventure.

I’ll holla!!!


Anonymous chelle said...

awww...I hate being separated from my hunny so I totally understand!! I would be annoyed with everyone too!

8:31 PM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

This is so sweet. You can tell you all are still newlyweds. While you always love them and miss them, there will be a time when you are thankful to have your own space even if it is for a few hours. :) I know this doesnt help you now. :) When I was about 6 months pregnant, mine went to go see his mom in Korea for two weeks and it was like the LONGEST TWO WEEKS IN THE HISTORY OF TIME. Just try and focus on it as quality MOMMY and BABY GIRL time. She can smother her in the point she will be like..OK MA, when is dad comin home, cause I need some baby space. lolololol.

7:16 PM  

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