Saturday, February 04, 2006

posting for the sake of posting...

Last night after blogging – I fell asleep on the futon – as my cousin had fallen asleep in my bed and my husband and I (read in-between the lines – me) felt too sorry for him to shake him awake and make him get out, so we slept on the futon. The new puppy is still not potty trained – at all, and was begging to go outside at the crack of dawn and then the other crack of dawn a few hours later. Hubby does puppy potty like I did Cammy diapers.  And I dreamt that Cammy was a grown up and was mad at me that I hadn’t finished her scrap books – so I can’t have that happen – so I’m gonna start working on those a bit now. She has gone through so many changes, and thankfully while I haven’t assembled the pages I have a zillion pictures of the princess I haven’t been keeping great notes on all the cool things she’s done – like – What pray tell is a ‘ummBukgee’? Pronounced (Umm – slight pause - buk geEEEA!!!)
She’s talking a whole lot – figuring out whole phrases and big words, and putting names to people and everything. Says hi Joe! When he comes in and Will say Adam if I show her his picture,
By the way he sent her the coolest jacket from Japan–Picture forth coming she likes it and will carry it around if I let her. We got a birthday party today. I’ll post pictures and tell you all about it.  By the way – about mom –(see yesterday’s post) I apologized cause I’m the daughter and that’s what you do – you apologize to your mom no matter what you think about the conversation. End of subject. So moving on. I’ll catch you all later tonight.


Blogger G said...

Sounds like Cammy is one smart cookie but for pete's sake finish her scrapbooks or she is going to have atcha ;)

9:49 AM  
Blogger Mahogany L. Browne said...

loveeeee the new page... and tha baby wit da afro??! gulp - so beautiful.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Copasetic Soul said... my gurl. i miss seeing her :-(

oh, i miss seeing you and ya hubby too :-)

7:39 AM  

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