Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Brad is my boy but Jennifer gets the cool points... 'The Itis', a washing machine and other random thoughts

I just thought I’d put that out there. I ain’t bad at Angelina and Brad – he wanted kids, she wanted to have them, Jen didn’t. And I firmly believe Jen didn’t want kids yet. You make your choices and you gotta live with ‘em. But I still like Jen. And Brad you shoulda called her and been like yo- thought you should know before you see it on the cover of People. Cause you know they still talking on the phone. You know it. I know it. Anyway, If I could get one of those Team Anniston t-shirts I would but that’d be the day I run into Bradgelina on the street. Anyway

Truth of the matter is some days  my dreams feel to big for my head.

Yesterday Jerry and Joe pulled apart the washing machine…..(I’m hoping you can see the long silence.) They were excited. Apparently they had a good time ripping that thing to shreds. I say we should have just bought a new one – but they think they can fix it. (second long silence right here) Lets just say the washing machine tub is on one end of our basement and the rest of it is scattered like roaches when you turn on a light and they stop like you can’t see ‘em- but you can but you sit there and stare like – I can’t believe I got roaches. Yeah, the washing machine is sitting there like I can’t believe my guts are all the way over there. But I’m really glad J got down there and got his hands in something. I really want him to be more handy and more assertive about those things. I think it will give him more confidence, and give me less to worry about.

My next class is Thursday and I’m almost finished with my homework. Got a little more to do, I still have to pick up my uniform, might need to take an hour off so I can get that done tomorrow, or Thursday. Still got a lot of stuff to buy for class. Need a scale and a few bowl scrapers, some measuring cups, a set of sharpies, and a few other bits and pieces, my dad is offering his Target card I may take him up on it if things get too tight. I also need to find my book bag. I know I got one – I haven’t seen it in YEARS though. The dog ate my textbook. Yes the one that costs an obscene amount of money. Almost makes me wanna buy another one. Money is too funny for that though, unless he really takes a chunk out of it. I knew he was too quiet for that. Big fuzzy butt dog.

Cammy is getting over her flu/cold. Such a trooper, and such a big girl – she told the dog to shut up yesterday and has started saying she’s sorry. My friend Joe who was helping with the washer was so surprised she was talking so much.

Al Sharpton is talking about picketing comedy central if they don’t apologize about the MKL episode of the boondocks, talk about somebody TOTALLY missing the point.  You I’ve been thinking about peoples use of the N word and why we as a people are so much more likely to accept it in entertainment and even from one another (although I can’t stand for people to use it in referring directly to me or about a third person, or about themselves.) I have a friend who uses the word negatively and it bothers me and I’ve had to tell her on a couple of occasions – that simply doesn’t fly here (here being my world). And it especially doesn’t fly when being used in regards to my people. I can’t change the way she thinks about her family but I cannot allow her to degrade mine in anyway, they are mine and I won’t stand for it.  
I got side tracked.
Anyway,  I think its mostly because entertainment is entertainment. And people are selective in what they want to make real, they want to make 23 in spinners part of their reality but not insult leveled when somebody raps ‘nigga (fill in appropriate rap lyric here)’. They want all the glitter and glamour but they don’t want to abandon ‘the hood’. That makes me think about ‘The Itis’ episode and what the Mexican worker was saying about chitterlings and the like. Black folks live in ghettos for the same reasons our ancestors ate leftover pig parts – because it is what was available, but that doesn’t mean our lack – as a people – should be glorified. Just like just cause you used to eat something don’t mean you should necessarily be planning on including it in your menu plans for the future. One shouldn’t feel the need to hold on to the behaviors that we out grow as we become more successful. Keeping it real should not be about acting in a way that reminds people where you came from but more about remembering to go back and get somebody and help them find there way to a better situation.  
For example holiday meals. My family normally gets together for holiday meals – about fifty of them. And for the last few years I have been hearing the grumblings about my offerings – calling them bourgeois and the like. Apparently from conversations I and my husband have over heard, I’m too good for them. Cause I do strange stuff to my food. But I think my family deserves the absolute best that I can produce.

They really gonna hate me once I get the culinary degree aren’t they?

I’m loving it… and I’m not talking Mickey D’s neither.

Holla at yo girl!


Blogger Copasetic Soul said...

hey, leave Jerry alone...sometimes we men just gotta "try" tearing shyt up...even if we "really" cant fix it!

go school, go school, go school.

fuck Al Sharpton.....i hope Aaron does an episode on his wanna be MLK, whore for the media, really a secret agent for the "white man" azz!

3:49 AM  
Blogger Aeshema the Fury said...

Amen to that on both accounts Copa...Because of the hookup we got with SuperJoe instead of having to pay $200+ for a new washer or whatever, or $75+ for the insurance to come and replace it (which they will probably just give us money to fix it anyway but take a 2 months to do it) we pay $65 but I also gain KNOWLEDGE, something our people seem to desperately lack.

Also, in breaking news, Al Sharpton is a scrote chewing rat with a perm. Film at 11.


5:42 AM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

See Copa's blog for the Sharpton tirade.

Girl, I feel you about the washing machine...Rich's car stereo is always in disarray with new this and thats. I just learned to finally be supportive. That is his passion....tell me why my desk worker has lost his latest pacakage with a $800 peice of equiptment in it.

Let me not start before I freak out.

Good to see you writing sista!

1:37 PM  
Blogger bRandy said...

Long time since I have stopped by and I am glad I did--forgot how much I enjoy reading ya. I hear ya on the brad/jen/angelina scenario...except i would be wearing the team jolie shirt for my own personal reasons. :o) lol. i will be stopping by regularly again...

3:17 PM  
Anonymous TiTo said...

It's the Ti side of TiTo. Hi honey. I got your e-mail...left you a message on the machine a little earlier. Congrats on going to school for cooking. Your the cookingist ass woman I know next to my sister Pearlean! I laughed so at your e-mail! You are not in the doghouse...whateva. I was pissed though about the Halloween party and the Christmas party but it's just that I am a spoiled bitch and when I don't get my way I feel impotent and useless. Remember, I am the only other girl in a family of 10, the baby girl/queen butterfly and I had a Daddy. All women have father but only some of us have a Daddy. Cammy has a Daddy. Feel me? It all started with him. The To side of TiTo is all full of the spoiling me stuff too, so my bad. I can't help it. I'll work on that. I read all of your blogs from today down to December 13th. I enjoyed them all. It's been awhile. Anyway, tell Jerry the next time he has an insatiable need to dismantle something perhaps he should consider splitting wood or playing a little jenga. I bet you he won't dismantle that damn X-Box though. Leave the washing machine type stuff to the Sears service department. That's what they do. If the heater would have gone out, he would have had to call a heating and cooling specialist. Dishwasher putting-it-back-together type stuff is not found in the Home Depot 1-2-3 Repair book. I think perhaps he should use that as a rule of thumb. If it's not in the Home Depot book, then perhaps it was not meant for him to dismantle. Now there's another mess you have to clean up. Good luck with that! I read in one of your blogs, "cause TiTo they aren’t exactly avalible for couple type outings and while I’m okay with that for me – I’m hoping they still do the god parent thing with Cammy. But they don’t really do that much either. That’s another post." Hummmmmmmmmm interesting. Haven't heard from your punk ass in a minute either. We'll have to work on that. I miss you guys though. I'm still a little sour but I can be bought. I still love you though....We'll work on that. We'll come a long way baby like Virginia Slims cigarettes. My last thought for the day. The reason people in this country are so fat is because we eat too much. Have you ever paid attention to the true serving size of something? Anything? It will blow you freaking mind. Discuss. And remember, TiTo had the real talent. If it wasn't for his little brother all in the damn way he would be the King of doubt in my mind.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Unsaid said...

you took it where I hadn't thought to go "Black folks live in ghettos for the same reasons our ancestors ate leftover pig parts – because it is what was available, but that doesn’t mean our lack – as a people – should be glorified."

WHAT!! Yes!! I had a friend who broke my heart when she declared..."I'm black...shyt..I'm supposed to be broke!" and meant it. Just cut off all expectations for herself because she's black.


6:22 AM  
Blogger Queue said...

Tito - It took you until January 26 to read the Dec 13th blog entry where I put you on challenge... I rest my case :) My punk ass has called your cell phone and your house and you are always out and about. And To is always supposed to tell you i called when I talk to him in the day time... i'ma hafta come take your punk ass to lunch or something!
-Brandy- glad to see you back arond here! I read a bit in your world and Saw your girls blog too! I'll be keeping up with you both.
Unsiad - I'm just shaking my head, I'm so with you!
Copa and Aeshema - I'm walking away from the manness via Sarah - I know she can feel me on this one...

8:37 AM  
Blogger Aeshema the Fury said...

FIRST of all, it was the washing machine, not the Dishwasher. SECOND of all, RAQUITAS FRIEND SUPERJOE said we could fix it. THIRD of all, as an update, the home repair aint going as good as hoped and I'm about the pass from the 'Do it yourself' realm, through the 'I should have listened to my Wife in the first place but Im a man and I do stupid things' threshold and right on into the 'Fuck it. Call insurance so they can come fix my shit.'

So, in front of all your readers and friends and what not, I'll admit it.



11:42 AM  
Anonymous Safa said...

Great post!!! Totally agree with the Team Anniston tee and the blacks and ghetto point.

10:19 PM  

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