Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Black Man – I’z Luvs Ya but you gon hafta get it together.

My brother turned 21 this month. Shortly before his birthday his boyfriend was pulled over and arrested for outstanding warrants. While the cop had him they did a search of the car and came up with a chrome BB gun under the passenger seat. Its my brothers gun. It holds a magazine, like a real gun, cocks like a real gun. I can’t be upset at all that they arrested his boyfriend and impounded the car. Honestly. How could you be? If your Tags on your car are illegal, your license is suspended, your black and male how can you possibly be upset? There is some strange story about why he was pulled over or rather how the cop ended up running his information. However of course I can’t get the real story so I’m gonna just chalk it up to running a light or bad lane change or other stupid traffic infraction.
On his birthday we got to talking about how much more difficult life is in general for black men and I agree hole heartedly with their points, black men are made to be over emasculated and over masculated all at the same time. And I understand the world is different for you brothas but – really when do we get to the part where you handle your business and do what you gotta do, to get where you need to go? When do we get past how it should be and work with how it is? Yes we should be trying to make the situation better but you shouldn’t be waiting for the promised land before you step up yourself. I spent most of last weekend going back and forth about it. Just wanted to get my vent on. I’m better now.


Blogger CousinSarah said...

If you got more in you...call me, I got some vents I need to vent too. Seriously, I feel some political pieces comin on.

Just FYI. Sent in an application for a job at Wash U today.

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