Monday, December 19, 2005

breakdancing mishaps and broken buddies.

“Shit – I think I broke it.”
That’s what he said and I didn’t believe him right away. Now I do.

I broke him.

Really I did, and I feel really bad about it- I’ll have to feed him. And coddle him at the very least. My Best friend Joe was hanging out with me at this party and they had cardboard out for break dancing and we were all having a good time being silly and I was encouraging Joe to take a turn and do a little spin on the floor.
Let me clarify a few little things….
1.I’ve never seen Joe dance despite his assurances that he can.
2.Let me remind you that Joe is Caucasian.
Now naturally if your white friend who you adore and have been hanging around for YEARS and have never seen him dance – EVER was like “Yo! I can dance!” would you believe him? Right – me either so he was like “I used to break dance back in the day!” and I’m like “yeah right then do a lil something something…” Thinking he might do a little pop and lock or a small spin… you know. So Joe’s like – “Its been twenty three years..” and I’m like “It’s like riding a bike!” So he goes down and does some little fot work and a few twists ect.. then he tried to fly into a Kamikaze spin (like a wide open windmill spin) and crashes his ankle into the floor.
     “Shit – I think I broke it…”  
It’s like riding a bike! I said…. umm.. how about no? So I’m like “Crap well we should go to the hospital.” Joe’s like-  No he doesn’t go to the hospital unless its hurting for days and swollen the side of a grapefruit. So this morning – you guessed it –it’s the size of a grapefruit and he’s on his way to the hospital. So yesterday I broke my best friend.
So what does this teach me?
1.Joe probably can dance despite his Caucasian-ness. At least keep a beat.
2.Remember at all times Joe does everything to the Nth power so next time just ask him to robot and call it a day.

Good life lessons – don’t you think?

On the plus side I really really really like his new girlfriend, and think they are gonna make a pretty nifty couple for us to hang out with, cause TiTo they aren’t exactly avalible for couple type outings and while I’m okay with that for me – I’m hoping they still do the god parent thing with Cammy. But they don’t really do that much either. That’s another post.  


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