Monday, March 27, 2006

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10 qualities in a perfect lover/mate.

1, Sense of Humor

You gotta think I’m funny and I need to think your funny. I like to be silly however Jerry has pointed out that my funny isn’t exactly funny…. Of course I disagree but hey – I think he’s funny enough – and funny lookin for sho! See I’m funny

2. Honest

I’ve learned enough throughout love that it’s pretty obvious that you gotta stay pretty honest. I want to know if I can do better, be better and the only way I can learn how is if my family tells me my (fill in the blank) could be better. General white lies are okay (I really like that shirt) but not really necessary as I’m not 19 anymore and the little crap just don’t sting like it used to. But don’t let me find out about the big crap – I simply don’t want to have to deal with it. No hidden lives, extra wife’s, this is not Big Love – which by the way is a great show on HBO you should check it out, I may blog on it later.

3. Durable

I need my mate to be durable. Can take a punch, I like a good sparring partner. Emotionally as well as physical, I like to rough house and wrestle, and sometimes my mouth lets something fly if I had be thinking I would have never said out loud. You gotta be able to work with that, I’m pretty durable too so I can take a little bit.

4. Intellectual

Like Sarah, he doesn’t need to be the Nobel Prize winner but damn it if Jerry couldn’t win one. Jerry asks more questions than anybody I ever met, and don’t not have an answer or not want to give one, then its really on! He needs to question, answer, wonder, contemplate, evaluate, review, research, reask, and repeat – at lest six times. He is the smartest (book smart) man I ever met- then I met his father, my dad is the smartest practical man I ever met.

5. kissin

I like to kiss, I like a kiss that has levels and takes a long time to complete. That goes from hard to soft, from demanding to requesting, I like a kiss that roves, moves, And yes Sarah – great lips are a plus.

6. Optimistic

Its really important for me to deal with people who are glass half full people, life is hard enough with out having to fight against the idea that anything is possible. I like being realistic but realism can be misdiagnosed and really be pessimism. I always want to believe we can try – even if we fail, the try is important and you have to believe we can until we simply can’t.

7. Desire

you gotta want me. And you gotta want other stuff too. I’m a big fan of passion. Slam against the wall, leave bite marks, scratch push pull forget to get undressed heat. I guess its because I’m a physically strong woman and I still like to know my mate can have his way with me. And as far as the other stuff I like to see my mate pour himself into what ever he wants, like to see him on fire about what ever it is that he wants, and wants to do.

8. Fatherful

I chose Jerry not only because of the love he gave me but for the potential I saw in him to be Cammy’s father – this was way before there was a Cammy, or the thought of a Cammy. He had these unlimited reserves just waiting for his children, his family and that was very attractive to me

9. Attractive

I need to like lookin at you – I know it’s a little shallow, but I love to look at Jerry, his skin, his eyes, just love it. His hands – all of him. He is an attractive man – not pretty, but very masculine and male and chocolate and let me stop cause he’s not gonna be home for three more days.

10. Flexible

I need somebody who rolls with me and life. Life doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to be, and if you can bend and flow with it I think you can get through anything as a family. Jerry is the perfect yin to my yang and I think that image is the best because it shows us bending to work together.
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