Sunday, March 26, 2006

six days down - four to go...

Well, Cammy is working on bigger sentences, Like – “Mommy, What are you doing?” and “I’m Okay, I got it..” and “Turn up the T.V” yeah – she’s officially a grown up.  
I miss my husband – nothing new there – but happily he’s left us great blog entries, you guys should check them out, they are HILL-larious, leave him a comment by clicking the number near the title,. My choice for new blog was less than inspired, he’d like something lighter – we’ll see what I come up with.
My mom’s birthday is coming up and I gotta figure out if we kids are gonna ante up and do a group gift – or perhaps individual gifts, I know what she wants (group gift) so I can’t go into any specifics since I know she occasionally reads this blog even if she doesn’t comment online – I do get the subtle call afterwards to make it clear she has read my rants. Hi Ma! Moving forward, that being said my fathers birthday is coming upon us too, Everyone in my house was born in April except my brother, he was conveniently born too close to Christmas to make it any better for anybody, and my sisters birthday is the day before mine  – I was told once that if it hadn’t been leap year – we would have had the same birthday- stupid little sister. I had dinner with her last night – Kick Ass crab cakes and steak – of which Cammy at most of but it was great. I’ma hafa have those again soon.   Anyway – I’m hoping they don’t all want the same cake – I’ll be sick of cake by my birthday anyway, so it won’t really matter.
The cat has finally decided that she wants to pay attention to us since jerry isn’t back yet, I guess the thought he’d only be gone a week- HA!I guess a week is and long as she can go without asking for some affection.
Jerry’s Friend Tambora has called to check on us and make sure we are okay- he calls every couple of days, He’s really a great guy. He was the best man – one of two at the wedding. And the older we get the better he becomes. And that’ is a pleasant thing to notice in a man. Sorry ladies he is in a relationship at the moment.
Anyway I’m rambling so I don’t thin too much about missing the husband but including today I got four days left, before I get my honey back. Yippee!!! Anywho, I’m gonna go hang out with my kid, I was hoping my honey would show up online so we could chat before our day really got started.


Anonymous chelle said...

Cats are so funny!!
I am glad the time is going by so that his return is near!

5:10 PM  

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