Wednesday, March 22, 2006

War of the Dog and stuff

So, I’ve revamped Jerry’s blog – I was working on a website for a non-profit group and I needed to test out my FTP tool, and lo and behold it works! So Jerry got a new blog out of it. Nifty! Check it out read his tales of Japan.
Dog 1 – Quita 1
So yesterday my cousin John came by I made him dinner and worked with Anubis, who has figured out I’m a way easier push over than Jerry. Yet more difficult in a lot of ways. Cause I make him work for longer stretches of time. I keep him out and on the leash, he knows he’s never off. He will jump through hoops for that Bil-Jak dog food. Its raw-ish and stinks so naturally he loves it. So we been using it as treats for training. He tried that whining thing again last night so I put him outside for three hours, I thought that might freeze some of the complaint right out of him. It did. Point for Quita. So when I put him back in his cage at three a.m he sat there pretty quiet for about an hour, long enough for me to get into a decent sleep, then he pushed out of his cage to come sleep at the foot of my bed –I was too exhausted to argue with his big furry HEAVY butt so Dog gets a point on G.P. We will battle again.
Cammy is doing really well, I think she misses her daddy as much as I do, when I put her to bed she held my face and told me all kinds of things in her toddler babble, that I like to think included I know how you feel mommy. Then she gave me a kiss, cuddled my stuffed orange cat and promptly laid down for bed time and prayers. She got excited every time I said the D word all night and literally jumped out of my lap to point at his picture when I was on line. She such a sweet little girl. Her and Anubis are getting along well, he’s stopped jumping on her so much and knocking her over, she’s started guiding him by his leash and he’s following. We kept him out of his cage with us most of the evening. We’ll probably do it again tonight. He had no accidents made no mistakes out side of sniffing my couch like it was a dog chew. Can’t have him chewing furniture.  
I got homework tonight I left my book at work last night so I gotta do my assignment and study for my quiz extra hard tonight. Although its not a difficult chapter and It will teach me wonderful things to do for my hubby when he gets home.
My girlfriend is having a difficult time and I feel like I’m not being much help. Just being too practical. I understand – I guess as much as one can about a situation that isn’t your own. And I’ve offered as much as I can by way of help. Sometimes I guess I wonder if I am as motivated in difficult situations as I expect the people around me to be. You know, like yes – this part is crappy but man look what I can grow out of this crap! I like to think of stupid people and situations as life’s fertilizer. I guess I just wish I was a better gardener. I don’t suck, but couldn’t make my living as a landscaper either. I’d say I got a green thumb. Speaking of which I need to get the stuff together for my herb garden. THAT’S what I want for my birthday – VERY VERY large terra cotta containers and G.C’s to buy my herbs for this season. That would totally rock. That and some baklava. Anyway how did I get on to gardening? Never you mind. I’m looking forward to more tales from Japan honey, they gotta be more interesting that what is happening here.

Thanks for listening folks.


Blogger CousinSarah said...

Aww, Cammy sounds like she is getting so big so fast. I am sure that she does miss daddy. It will come out in some way. :)

Points to you for the dog. I DONT DO THEM. Unless they are small enough to punt when they run up on me, dont do 'em. Doberman tried to eat me as a snack as a kid and havent dug them ever since. Had an ass of an ex use his pitt to keep me in a corner for about 10minutes one day cause he thought it would be funny. Not funny. Further argument for kickable dogs. I dont go around kicking them mind you, but should the need arise, I wanna be on top of that fight.

I always wished I could garden, it seems like it would be a fun thing. I remember helping my dad do it as a kid. I just dont have the attention span (or the land for that matter!).

Ahhh girl. I will cross legs and fingers for your test tomorrow!

2:50 PM  
Anonymous chelle said...

too cute that your Cammy snuggled you and made it a little better!

7:14 PM  

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