Thursday, November 30, 2006

Meme time!!!!

I have been tagged by Jaelithe, the irony is she tagged me because I hadn’t blogged in weeks, we hadn’t spoken in a while, funny thing is I see her little glowing green light on Google chat all the time and think I would just be bothering her and I posted a blog entry yesterday.
*note – Gmail is worth using for the chat feature alone, if you have not converted to Gmail, I highly recommend it.
** Jerry has a new blog – update your bookmarks and check out my nifty attempt at lovin’ my husband via pixels and html. Yes I fixed up him a new template. Its not done, but it ain’t half bad either.
On to the Meme
Five things (some) people (probably) don't know about me:

Hmmm…. Let us see…

  1. Every man I have had a serious relationship with has proposed marriage. That my friends, is my only dating claim to fame. They all want to keep me at some point. Never mind that that list is only three guys deep. That’s three marriage proposals. How many chicks can say that?!?! However the only one worth getting was the one I accepted. (collective awwwww)

  2. I can juggle. And draw. And paint. This bullet should really be that I have a ton of useless talents. But I’m not sure that I hadn’t told you all this before at some point.  Lets see I can pick up things with my toes. I have a photographic memory for random items ONLY. This will come in handy when Cammy starts losing strange things like her favorite polka dot sock, which I will know is in the toy box next to the kick ball under that homework she didn’t finish. See random useless talents.

  3. I’m way cooler by blog than I am in real life. I meet people who I’ve met via internets and they are always like you were way cooler via e-mail/blog/internets – even the husband said it once or twice.

  4. I hate designated gift giving holidays except for my birthday. I like the holiday and the celebrating I just don’t like the mandatory gift giving. Like this upcoming Christmas, I’m glad we are not giving gifts. I would much rather get a gift because somebody was thinking of me and saw something that reminded tehm of me or thought I would like or anything like that rather than they felt obligated to go in to hock in December. Now on birthdays I think both the mother and the child should get gifts, and all children should give their parents a thank you gift. Cause a birthday is YOUR holiday for to celebrate YOU – and that’s cool. But valentines day – and all those other random ones, should be designated gifts for kids only.

  5. I read cheesy romance novels. My husband thinks its cause he’s not romantic enough… Hey if it gets him to work herder in the romance dept that reason enough to keep them around, however I just like em. They are like lifetime movie channel for my brain with out the TV part. I read big ones little ones, harlequin, silhouette, Abercrombie or Arabesque or what ever the one owned by BET is. I got a soft spot for Nora Roberts. When I was a kid like early teens I had a thing for Danielle Steel. The best Christmas present I had one year my mom gave like six Danielle Steel hard covers, I was SOOOO EXCITED. I think its where I get to let out my inner girly girl. Cause I only just started to do pink.

And that my dears is the Meme. Tagging Spoken, and Jerry cause shoot I wanna.


Blogger Spoken said...

If you like getting gifts randomly so much, how come I always get yelled at when I get you stuff. And then if I don't get you something when I go shopping for myself I get in trouble then too. Make up you mind Ennis

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Marijean said...

Did you see that Danielle Steele has a fragrance now? I loved The Promise but I don't think I've read any others. I get the brain break though and think everyone should dip into a guilty pleasure book once in awhile.

6:23 AM  
Blogger Jaelithe said...

You would so not be bothering me if you sent me a Google chat. Now, I may not type back for 20 minutes because I may be in the other room changing a diaper or singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider or I may 9*gasp*) we on the phone with a client or something, and I always forget to mark myself busy or away when I do stuff like that, because I suck. But I would be happy to hear from you anytime.

(Hehe and I'm sorry I said you hadn't blogged in a couple of weeks on the same day you put up a new post. I apparently attract irony like honey attracts flies . . . )

2:48 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I love your meme.

Used to love Danielle Steel years ago too.

And YES, moms should get a "thank you" gift for their child's birthday. I like the way you think, lady! heehee.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous tanyetta said...

I hate designated gift giving holidays except for my birthday


6:14 PM  

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