Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cause Sarah did it....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A new day - Love, Love and Love.

Okay – per previous post I had a pretty off week last week, but today is Valentines day and I LOVE MY HUSBAND. Why you ask? Because he’s nice to me. And WONDERFUL to our daughter. The guy who gets her is gonna have to be FABULOUS! He gave me some very pretty smell goods, some I had been wanting for a while – but he couldn’t remember the one I’ve been drooling over (Island by Michael Koor) but it was sweet that he remembered the ones I’ve liked for a while. And he got Cammy the cutest little purple purse and a Nemo stuffed fish. Gave me a foot bath and rub and then promptly fell asleep after taking some NyQuil. Gotta love him. I got cards for him but I was so caught off guard by the perfumes and the foot rub it didn’t even occur to me to give them to him. Will rectify tonight.
You know its really nice to have someone who is thinking about you, and your happiness. Its also really great to have someone to focus all of your love on too.  

Feeding children.

I read a blog entry about how some families took their kids to a dinner party where children were encouraged to attend. The hostess set out quite the spread apparently – spring rolls, goat cheese pizza and the like, and one family took it upon them selves and ordered a pizza to feed their kid. And people were discussing whether it was rude or not. Clearly it was very rude, however I don’t think I would have been upset as a lot of the people commenting on the situation. I think I would have thought the parents were doing the child a disservice by not promoting new experiences. Cammy rarely eats off of the children’s menu because it doesn’t cater to our tastes. I wouldn’t eat anything off of those menus for the most part, so I don’t ask her to. The point in eating out is to try new things, new textures, tastes, flavors, smells. And you can’t do that eating mac and cheese and chicken fingers everywhere you go. I think it is little things like how you allow your children to eat that help shape how open minded your children really become. You can tell your kids you are all about new things, people, and experiences, but if Applebee’s is gourmet to you – I don’t think they will believe you after they turn about thirteen. Or after the first time the go with a friends family and try something completely out of left field, and they realize they NEVER would have seen that on your plate. You tell your kids you are open to people of all races but they never see people who look different from them, never see people who simply live and think differently from them. It doesn’t take much to really see the truth, if you are looking for it, and kids are always looking for it, even on their dinner plates.

Talking Cammy Doll

Cammy took to talking this weekend, lots of big words and whole sentences, questions and watching her little mind work through the scrunches on her forehead.  What am I to do when my baby isn’t a baby anymore? I feel like I missed all the really really good baby moments and having to spend the last few days with her rather than at work really made that hit home. We played flash cards and kitchen, and washed dishes and she drove me crazy too. We got to walk a little and I am looking forward to more outdoor fun once the spring time makes its self felt here.

Wonder if there is a V-day play going on around St Louis, I’ll have to check on that. I love the Vagina Monologues and I would love to see them or a version there of…  

Anyway I am trying to think happy thoughts and Jerry and Cammy are the bestest ones! Later gang…

Monday, February 13, 2006

Loss of Men unknown

Pierre sr and Sonny
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You ever know somebody was special. Ever know somebody for years and then it simply dawns on you that they were really an original. Over the holiday season I had the opportunity to sit back and look at my family and I remember thinking clearly - I really need to talk to some of my older realitives, because everybody doesn't have what we have. Cammy has so many older realitives that I just have taken for granted are gonna be around. That I was just gonna have the time to see them and get to know them as an adult. But this week has proven how really wrong you can be in assuming your family members will always be there.
I am sorry I have been out of touch for a while. My uncle Sonny was involved in a car accident about two weeks ago and honestly I didn't mention the accident before because the old guy was such a spirited fighter I figured he was gonna get up and be back to normal is a week or two. But he passed away on Jerry's birthday. His funeral was today, and while I love my grand- and great grandmothers - yes his mother is still alive, she is ninty and out living her children - and that must hurt. But he wanted to be creamated and they held a viewing and services anyway - when that kinda completely opposite of what people who want to be creamated want. And I understand that they wanted to honor him, but I beleive the greatest honor is to fullfill what he would have wanted - its such a difficult time - and ultimately he would have wanted them to be able to move forward, say goodbye and remember him. Which if a viewing helped them do - I'm sure he would have been okay with, people told the stories that I wish I had heard from him, and I am sorry that I didn't get the chance to really know him.
He was a aries like me - so we tended to butt heads more often than I care to admit. But I did love him, he always made me think about how I could make my dreams come true - he never accepted why you wern't doing what you love - just wanted to know how you were gonna get there. He was the ultimate, and I am very sorry, very very sorry to have to live this life with out him.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Go head - it's ya burfday....

Safe with Daddy
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Today is Jerry's birthday so if you guys wouldn't mind go and wish the man a happy birthday here... i'll get pics from all festivities except last night 'cause it was his birthday in Japan last night and we had some festivities... anywho - go say happy burfday!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

posting for the sake of posting...

Last night after blogging – I fell asleep on the futon – as my cousin had fallen asleep in my bed and my husband and I (read in-between the lines – me) felt too sorry for him to shake him awake and make him get out, so we slept on the futon. The new puppy is still not potty trained – at all, and was begging to go outside at the crack of dawn and then the other crack of dawn a few hours later. Hubby does puppy potty like I did Cammy diapers.  And I dreamt that Cammy was a grown up and was mad at me that I hadn’t finished her scrap books – so I can’t have that happen – so I’m gonna start working on those a bit now. She has gone through so many changes, and thankfully while I haven’t assembled the pages I have a zillion pictures of the princess I haven’t been keeping great notes on all the cool things she’s done – like – What pray tell is a ‘ummBukgee’? Pronounced (Umm – slight pause - buk geEEEA!!!)
She’s talking a whole lot – figuring out whole phrases and big words, and putting names to people and everything. Says hi Joe! When he comes in and Will say Adam if I show her his picture,
By the way he sent her the coolest jacket from Japan–Picture forth coming she likes it and will carry it around if I let her. We got a birthday party today. I’ll post pictures and tell you all about it.  By the way – about mom –(see yesterday’s post) I apologized cause I’m the daughter and that’s what you do – you apologize to your mom no matter what you think about the conversation. End of subject. So moving on. I’ll catch you all later tonight.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Okay - It’s been a trying week for me - as I may have mentioned in passing - I was selected for jury duty - then amazingly I was selected to sit on a jury…. Right. What were they thinking? Who the hell knows, but it ended up being a hung jury – ten to two not guilty and I spoke to the defendant’s family afterwards, which was rather difficult. Telling a mom I’m sorry her son who while I wasn’t completely sure he was innocent – I sure as hell wasn’t convinced he was guilty. I told her I would pray for her and her son and she should make sure if/when he gets out of this in the next trial she should make sure he says off the streets and out of trouble.
I totally believe the case is so fluff I think it was a waste of time for the prosecutor to even bring the case to trail. Apparently Trent Mitchell the prosecuting attorney needed something to cut his teeth on – or he really bought what ever those witnesses were selling – and that’s sad because none of us did. It all seemed circumstantial and even the little bits that the two dissenters held on to weren’t from primary witnesses. The prosecutor asked before hand if we would be able to convict on somebody’s word on one element – not ALL THE elements. It was all a giant reach in the dark- and if that is what our city is spending its money on (yes the whopping 18 dollars a day they paid us.) then we are in serious shit.
Next – My mom is mad at me and frankly I was a bit miffed at her for a little while there too. She was upset with me about my parenting and wife-ing and I’m upset that she thought she could just call me and go off like I was twelve and forgot to wash the dishes before I left for basketball practice. She doesn’t have to like the choices I make as a woman – but damn it they are my choices, and if I choose to let my husband be the daddy then guess who’s the daddy? Exactly people EXACTLY. Now I shouldn’t have yelled at her in the manor I did – no buts – I was pissed off and stressed out and caught completely off guard and while there is no excuse – I’m not a child, even if I am her child, if you strike out I am going to strike back. Somehow I knew our relationship was running along way too easy lately. I’m too stubborn to call again and have her not pick up the phone so we’ll see where this ends up. Apparently she is talking to Jerry. And he has decided that the new game plan is to simply pay outside parties to baby sit rather than have relatives take her. Who’s the Daddy? He’s the Daddy, baby, he’s the Daddy.
Apparently I got the house loan for the next house. Irony- I didn’t know that – I found out like second or third hand. Bigger irony – I’m the only one who applied for the loan so how did everyone find out before me? I have no idea.
And After that – I’m in need for some lovins, but I’m on a computer and my loving man is on an Xbox 360. I think I’m going to go flash him and see if I can get this party started. Cause I been real confident about my sexy this week- the security guard at the court house was all over my sexy and I was like “No my brother while the sexy is real – its all for the hubby man!!” He was heart broken fo sho and mentioned he does divorces since I’m so not for the cheating. I told him I don’t divorce either but he was great for my ego.