Monday, July 03, 2006

cause its not a holiday - and that must be why

A lot of things have happened in the last three hours.
First – a co-worker passed away and word is just now trickling through the office. This is the same woman I helped through a seizure a few weeks ago. She was a mousy nervous skittish woman. And I can only say that I had just spent the last weeks since her seizure trying to get her to talk so I could befriend her. We had just gotten to the point were she remembered my name and she smiled when she saw me. She leaves behind two children and a ex husband who by all accounts was a arse to the highest degree.
Second and by no means of any true importance after the above mentioned statement – I think there is a possibility that the good Chinese spot is closed today, and that sucks cause I had my head all wrapped around a St. Paul sandwich and a strawberry soda.
Third – my mom called me- my grandmother – as a bit of back history – is just like me – so she is suffering from the same aliment that I am – you know – housefullofextrafolksfornoreasonandwhopaynorent-itis.  Right. So - its complicated in the details however it boils down to she has the other half of my family’s free loaders in her house and they are turning in to squatters. I told her I’m itchin for somebody to turn stupid so I have an excuse to act a donkey- so I’m going by there on Wed to turn into the eviction police. BTW – Spoken is moving out in the next week or so. My mother, it seems, is about to pull rank and make my brother move home, we’ll see how it goes.

The day is looking up how ever- cause the Chinese place just answered the phone – NICE.


Blogger S. Susanne said...

Man, I hope that ailment isn't going around, because my apartment is waaay too small to catch it! And congrats on getting your futon back!

1:26 PM  
Blogger S. Susanne said...

I hope that nasty ailment isn't going around! My apartment is much too small to suffer from that disease. Congrats on getting your futon back, by the way!

1:27 PM  

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