Sunday, July 02, 2006

answers for slump

  1. What is the first priority when purchasing a shoe, looks or comfort?
Unfortunately comfort is my priority. I had surgery when I was a small girl, and after that comfort was always the goal. Can’t be cute if it will break your artificial ankle

2) What is the most you would pay for a “dress stiletto”?
If I could wear one, a couple hunned….
3.Which type of shoes do you own more of, “one-hour wears” or “all day wears”?
It never occurred to me to lump them like that -I own more all day numbers.
4) What is more important when purchasing a shoe, designer or look?
Look, but designer will help me try some stuff I wouldn’t normally
5) Shoe preference, “high heel”, “wedge heel”, “short heel” or “flats”?
I like my heel around the two inch mark, doesn’t really matter what kind of heel…
6) What is the most important piece of your wardrobe, “shoes”, “hat” or “handbag”?
7) Do you associate “cost” of shoe with quality?
yes Also with avalibility.I wear a larger size and if they cost more they are around longer for me to get to. P.s. to the shoe industry, more than three women in an given area wear larger than 9 – send more than three pairs please.
8) Is your dress style defined by shoes or clothes? If shoes, how do your shoes enhance your “look”, “attitude”, or “personality”?
Shoes always make me feel great. The perfect pair of Via Spiga’s can truly do wonders for a girls ego
9) If you only had $50, which would you chose to purchase, dinner or a pedicure?
Dinner – sorry nobrainer, I’m a chef first.
10) How frequent are your pedicures, per month?
Not often enough, If I had my way I’d get them twice a month, at least once with my hair apointment, and once with out.
11) How often do you get foot massages?
When ever my husband can talk me into letting him do it.
12) Is having someone paint your toes sexy, why? Also, would you pay to have it done, if so, how much?
If my husband wants to pamper me that way – I would find it extremely sex, depending on how he went about it. Only pay for it in refernce to a pedicure.
13) How important is the beautification of your feet to your overall level of confidence?it doesn’t really rank that high for me.. So many thing take president over my feet i’d rank them a three on a scale of 1 to ten.
14) Do you feel sexier when your feet are made up?
Not necessarily sexier, but more confident
15) Do you wear foot jewelry, ankle bracelets? If so, how often? When I have them, my kid likes to break things like that…, I wear them a lot. I wish iworemore casual jewelry in general.

Bonus Question…
16) If you could purchase a perfume for your feet, what would be the scent? Salvatore Ferragamo


Anonymous JO said...

I broke my ankle a year ago today so comfort and function are what are important from here on out. I give myself pedicures, Ive never had a real one. My husband is a foot massager. I like a pale irridescent polish....I miss pretty shoes when I am dressing up..that's about it.

5:21 PM  
Blogger S. Susanne said...

...Ah, here's to bimonthly pedicures!! As soon as I find a "real job," that's what I'm splurging on -- a nice, relaxing pedi!

PS - Ferragamo -- a girl after my own heart!

8:47 PM  
Blogger SLUMP FACADE said...

Thank you for answering my questions concerning your feet, I appreciate the love! Interesting to know you pay upwards $200 for a nice pair of heel, if you could only wear a pair. I bet you are so bourgeois... ;?

9:43 AM  

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