Thursday, June 29, 2006

It all falls down

It all falls down..

I decided today that I am tired of drowning. Tired of feeling like I have no choice in the direction that I am moving, that my failure is required. That I have to prove that the glass is half full, that I have to have all the answers before I can step out on faith. That I have to have all the answers to all the questions. That I have to carry it all, because the truth is I don’t.

It has been mentioned that I am a woman of faith, or at the very least I try to be and want to be. I have decided that I simply cannot, and God can. I hope that was His intention. Cause that’s where I am, right now.
I am going to do what I can, be what I am, and remember who I am. And if God could just you know handle a few things for me… get the extra people out of my house, teach me how to be a better wife, hand over my fear, then we will have a good day. As it stands I am blessed. And everything that is given to me is appreciated.

Work is work. It’s a little dry, I am not being productive. I need to work on that. But I got the weekend to get it all together. I’m off tomorrow so I’m gonna spend the day with my kid, maybe work on getting my herb garden started. We are gonna try to have a good Friday trip somewhere, the original plan was Grants Farm. We’ll see if we make it there, or perhaps the City museum.

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