Monday, June 12, 2006

1st Monday Of the Week

Hey gang! How was your weekend? Ours was easy, I didn’t get out and do near as much as I wanted to but my husband was way happy to just chill out and actually relax. So that was a plus. Next Sunday is Cammy’s birthday, I’m going to plan a small birthday party, nothing too fancy. Just our family and a few friends a cake and call it a day. No costumes this year, no clowns. I think the theme is gonna be for the adults bring your favorite children’s book. I’ve ordered the cake and am avoiding all of the character stuff that I see everywhere. She loves too many shows and characters, (Diego is the man lately, while I am fond of the Backyardagins.) to try and decorate the house in cartoon faces, merchandised cups and hats, as well as the obscene mark up on that crap, I simply cannot be a party to such debauchery.
Anywho Cammy and I sent to see how she felt about the bicycle trailer that I really want to get, and ran into – pardon the expressions – one of wildest Caucasian moments of the year for me. We went to REI to check out that trailer and they were apparently having some big top secret garage sale that apparently wasn’t top secret, cause there was a line to get into that bad boy at least a block long. I don’t have the patience for such shenanigans so I just stood at he door with the kid until they opened up and went in. And you know Ihad to follow the crowd cause this is some stuff I had never seen before. See, honestly, I’m not that kind of shopper, I stay home on black Friday, I try to get my Christmas shopping done by October. I’m not afraid to shop on line, cause I don’t like hunting for stuff in store after store. When I go to the mall, its just to look. I don’t do a whole lot of shopping. So to see hundreds – literally hundreds of white people standing out side of this store from as early as 5:30 a.m, for the chance to get ski boots at a hefty discount, I was simply out done. There were no black people waiting for in this line. I saw like one asian guy and that was it, and he was with like his college frat buddies, Brad and Dave, and they were talking about Spelunking. Who the hell Spelunks and what is it for crying out loud? It was as though every rock climbing, hiking, camping, enthusiast apparently has a membership and waits for this sale like - for real - and are excited to be sitting on the sidewalk for the chance to own a Camelback hydration pack for 29.95. I'm like What the hell is a Camelback hydration pack and will it spit on me if I take too long doing what ever it is you do while you have it on? People were drooling over this stuff. I thought I knew people of every persuasion, apparently I don’t know any extreme REI people. I don’t know whether to thank God for that one or not. Cammy was really amused by the tents set up in the store, and when we get to a house with a yard, I’ll get her one to play in the yard with.
That was all besides the point- why we actually went to the store that was the point. The trailer – that’s what I was talking about. She thought that was okay as long as it was moving, she wanted nothing to do with it when it was standing still for longer than a few minutes. She looked through all the pockets, and seems to be able to reach everything easily and was comfortable. So I’ll be picking on of those up shortly.
Cammy was out done at the presence of a Cammy sized bike. So Apparently that will be the birthday present of ohh and ahh proportions. I think I’m gonna pick up some other small things, like toy appliances so she can feel like she’s cooking with me more, a DVD or two and a few books. She actually helps a lot, in the kitchen, she just gets a little hands on some times and does a little too much, then looks at me like – what? I wasn’t supposed to crack six eggs into the bowl? We made more cookies and she helped me with French toast and vanilla custard Sunday morning.
I think tonight’s dinner will be Chicken Kiev. I’m trying to think more entertaining and less regular for dinner, cost effective and time conscious. That’s a difficult trio to accomplish together. But I must try. My husband is spoiled, and I’ve got to keep my game tight. Besides I get moody when we don’t eat well, so we are gonna see what I can come up with.

Hey just a reminder – if you have AT&T phone service, DSL, Dish network, are moving or have moved in the last thirty days, Starting a business anything at all in that arena, let me know. I’m working on a special project and I could use all the help I can get.


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Raquita, small birthday parties can be so stress free. For Deji's second birthday I had a breakfast play group. Just a bunch of kids playing, eating breakfast, and then some cupcakes. No themes, no presents, no stressful planning of party favors... The kids had a ton of fun and got lots of food.


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