Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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This had been an interesting weekend.
But we got through it, and I feel pretty good about my husband and I, and our ability to keep moving. God blessed us, truly blessed us Saturday, and we were able to handle an unexpected problem (car battery died) without major, major problems, despite being in the middle of what could be easily considered less than ideal circumstances. Adding on to that – while my husband can build you a kick arse computer, and fix your computer when it goes all hey wire strange with a ZILLION pop ups (which he did this weekend as well - gotta get him a greatest hubby in the world cup) he cannot however remove the car battery. Alas he is not perfect, just perfect for me. So entered my Dad wearing his Super Daddy Cape, and taught my hubby a new useful trick. Gotta love that. Dad’s are great, in my experience and if you have one avalible, as a woman I personally believe you have to be content with your relationship with him (your father) in order to understand yourself and the relationships you nurture with other men. That is another post. Back to the weekend, we helped my mom with her yard on Sunday, along with my sister and almost brother in law. My brother is still on my couch, my brother’s boyfriend is still on my chase. My house is still Fuller than a mug. Several of those people filling my house have made statement about how they don’t want to be a burden and “I’m not a part of the burden you are dealing with am I?” and that is a sticky question.
Lets look at the situation shall we. We live in a two bedroom apartment. One room Cammy dominated, the other bed room our personal love nest. A dining room, kitchen with no table, Living room containing couch and chase, and futon in Cammy’s room. Everybody’s broke or lets face it – they wouldn’t be in my house. I got extra people floating though like my house is a stop and shop, cousins, uncles and any random relative who lives or works in a six block radius or a twenty minute drive comes by and grabs a snack, takes a shower, sits, surfs the net, naps, uses the phone, comps the leftovers, what ever they would do if they owned the place they tend to do cause I own it. On top of that I got a whole three extra grown people in my house at any given moment who for all practical purposes live there. I can’t keep groceries in the house, ever- Can’t keep juice for the kid. Can’t have a minute with my husband – Can’t have sex in the dining room, shoot can’t have loud sex in the bedroom, Can’t walk around completely comfortable, however my husband could care less who is there – when its time for the pants to come off they are coming off and it’s a boxer underwear show for all. And while all of this is a lot, the most frustrating thing is, you can’t tell people how to fix their situations. My brother for instance, has been at my house for a week on wed, but he hasn’t found an apartment. Not necessarily a horrible thing, but man you gotta be sick of sleeping on a couch, right? Its been cool in some ways, like my brother cleans up the place great, he and Dwayne aren’t underfoot really, they are just there and he and Spoken keep Cammy from waking me up a five in the morning. Which is AWESOME! And Cammy loves having them there with her, she loves her uncle Rocky, and he can do no wrong in her eyes.
So that’s why the question is sticky. Are they a burden, yes. But it is what family does they accept your burden because you belong to them. They belong to me. So I don’t expect them to magically not be a burden tomorrow. When I say you can stay with me and my family, what I am in effect saying is that – come and let me, let us help you with your burden. And I (meaning either Jerry or I) am allowed to get a little agitated at times, as well as they will, we are five adults and a toddler living in a space meant for a couple, its not gonna be pretty everyday. I was complaining about how small our space was when it was just he and I, let alone once Cammy came along. So imagine how it feels now. I know the set of them will probably be in my house for a little while, and spoken probably until she can get this car thing ironed out and a apartment worked out – hopefully by mid July. But they are welcome there – even when they drive me crazy, they are welcome here. Now I would like it if Spoken would at least try to get a ride home from work every once in a while not every day – just once in a while – cause it’s not just the gas part of driving all the time that is annoying, it’s the actual driving part, the extra miles and wear and tear on the car and the driving part, did I mention the driving? Cause there is that whole driving part I’m not real fond of. Getting up after getting all settled in for the night to – you guessed it – Drive for an hour. Like I hate driving so much that I am looking for a job in down town St Louis so I can ride my bike to work. Seriously. We could cut down our commute and save gas money and I could RIDE a BIKE to WORK. How cool is that?
Any who I’m moving on to yesterday. Which was a good day. Had its moments – I made a few mistakes at work, annoying costly mistakes, but I was able to leave that at work which is always a good thing. Cammy and I went to the library, she let me read her a whole book at bed time and we got to sit and talk and just be together a little bit which was great. I found a book Jerry mentioned a little while ago and got that for him, proving I do listen to all the stuff he says even though he doesn’t think I do. Cammy and I got to play and work with puzzles, and look at picture books. She is dying for information, she just sucked it all up. Which means I’m slacking on the educate Cammy front, I think I’ll use her birthday to get it together. She really is the best kid I could have asked for. I think I’m also going to work on getting some back drops and stands so I can take more photos. There is a new camera coming out I really want. I’m afraid J is gonna veto that purchase. I’ma have to work on that. Anywho I’m gonna go back to work and try not to get distracted anymore today…


Blogger Aeshema the Fury said...

Queue said..."There is a new camera coming out I really want. I’m afraid J is gonna veto that purchase."

*Takes a look at the budget*
*Takes a look at the current camera being used*
*Takes another look at the budget*

I'm not going to veto it out of hand. As far as personal projects go, your photography is probably the most expensive but definately has the most potential to launch you into a new career, so I support that.


There are other things we both want to do, both Family wise and personal. If the Camera is what you want, thats cool but you gotta remember we gotta balance that out somewhere else.

Also, I'd like to get a new laptop OR build my computer, since its been like 2 years. Just a thought.

Who makes the camera and what kind is it? You know me...crazy for the details.

(See? That wasnt a veto...more of a call for a hearing on budget allocation for the project in question. I expect heavy lobbyist action and plenty of kickbacks, however...)

11:36 AM  
Anonymous chelle said...

Cammy may just be going through an infor stage, Becca goes through phases all the time.

What you said about fathers really stuck with me. I so agree with the little you said.

11:42 PM  

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