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Remembering Kissing

I was reading Thoughts desire and she was talking about first kisses. She and her significant other were watching Hitch and they got into the discussion about if she could remember all her first kisses.
Thoughts Desire’s blog
My baby and I were sitting here watching the movie Hitch. And they got to the
part where Hitch was explaining to Brenneman how you only get one chance to make that first impression and the first kiss is such a huge part of it and how some
women even take the first kiss as being indicative of the kind of relationship
that awaits her. Then in a different scene, we watched as Brenneman just had his
first kiss and upon Allegra closing the door for the night and he dances down
the street.

And that got me to thinking. About my first kisses, and the ones that stick with me and provide warm memories that actually did tell me what kind of relationship I was looking into. Those are, ironically the only ones I remember.
My first kiss with Jerry for instance, was the night we actually first met – in person, cause as it is known we met on the internets. I like saying internets rather than internet. I don’t know why I just do. Anywho, We were watching cartoon network at like two thirty in the morning. And I was feeling emboldened, here I was with this man who I had asked to come home with me (which was a new thing for me), and I was enjoying his company, he made me laugh. And I was so comfortable next to him and I though to my self, “Self, you could kiss him.” Despite the fact that I had said to myself before I went on this date that even if I liked him I wasn’t gonna kiss him. But we were sitting there in bad lighting and his eyes just swam like melted chocolate, they still do. And I was just like man I bet he tastes good. So I sat on his lap (totally out of character for me) and kissed him. He was so gentle and his lips were so soft, and his hand – just one -was on my hip with just enough pressure for me to know it was there. It made me feel safe, like I just knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I wanted to be around him for a while after that, didn’t want him to go home. It didn’t exactly make me want to run down the street dancing like Albert Brenneman, but I did sit in the dark and smile about it for a few nights after. Shoot I got up and made breakfast and it was just a kiss!!! It was a very good kiss.

Just for giggles

They Both Prefer Meat

Mother to little girl: Eat your vegetables.
Little girl: I'm opposed to vegetables.
Father: Hey, your brother is opposed to dating women, and apparently we're letting that one slide.

--Jackson Hole, 2nd Ave

via Overheard in New York, Jun 1, 2006


Blogger Aeshema the Fury said...

Wow...swoon...if youre not making that up (cause I remember the kiss too)then that just really made a crap day so much warmer and brighter. If I could only get the negros out of my house so I could make you remember that first kiss again...

One thing about that came after about 30 minutes of her teasing me and in the midst of anxiety about how exactly I should kiss so as to not

a) make her think Imma bout to freak her down R Kelly style with super tongue action
b)drool on her. I really wanted to get to know her and she was so DAMN fine that night but I didnt want to be too eager. But I didnt want to seem too cool either.
c) get caught by her father. I've always had fears of getting caught by fathers kissing their daughters in the house ever since Mr. Bischoff (thanks Chris!) and now that I have a daughter myself, that fear is fully justified.

I remember my first kiss. My very First real kiss. It was the cheesiest moment of my entire life and has lived on in my mind as a defining moment. Im not ashamed. I can tell you that after I kissed her, I told her 'That was like kissing a star.' I was 12. I should busted out an impromptu poem along with an improvisational dance. But my words had the most obvious effect: We never kissed again. Ever. HA! I win the dorkus maximus award!


3:32 PM  
Blogger Emefa said...

i'm still scared about kissing someone. Sometimes I wonder what it feels like. I think to myself that if you kiss the right one it will be good, romantic but im young. I think its disgusting still but I want to remove that feeling now!!!!
i wonder what its like to kiss someone and i wish it will gonna be as sweet as your one......but for now im really afraid of it.....
have a nice day!!!

8:36 AM  
Anonymous chelle said...

I was all swooning reading you first kiss then, I burst out laughing at the little Overheard joke!! hehehe!

8:42 PM  
Blogger Spoken said...

It wasn't my first kiss but it was the most memorable one I have: It was 4:26am on June 18th 2002. We had been talking half the night about why we shouldn't be together. Going over all the pros & cons (mostly cons) because we were best friends & our friendship was the most important. He was wearing a black t-shirt with red Sean John & dark denim Roca Wear baggy jeans. I had on these black Old Navy mens jeans that were too big & a white 2002 old navy flag tank top, with a white & black bandana scarf on my head. We kinda laughed at each other first cause we were going to seal this next level in our relationship with a kiss (Haha). Then we both just kinda stopped & looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity. I was sitting on the trunk of my 92 Nissan Sentra E & he closed the gap of space inbetween us a when our lips touched I couldn't breath. It was like my heart stopped for the briefest of moments & when it started again it was in sync with his. I don't know how long we kissd but I remember tasting his toothpaste & the faint remnants of a cigerette he had smoked earlier. I couldn't move & once we parted again for the briefest of moments we both couldn't breathe. We looked at each other & realized at the same time our relationship would never be the same. For good & for bad

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Sounds like you got a good man there. I love that movie and I love Kevin in that movie its so awesome. (I hate it when people refer to stars by only their first name as if to say they know then personally, don't you?). lol.

My first kiss was amazing. Although he later turned out to be a freak (the dude sniffed scotchgard to get high, really, seriously....sadly.) It was in his friends basement as we watched The Doors movie. It was gentle and he placed his hand on my cheek and held it firmly. His other hand just laying on my leg. It was nice. My husband now gave me the best kisses though and still does. I am blessed.

6:12 PM  

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