Thursday, May 25, 2006

We are still here

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See the thing is, people are reading old posts and leaving comments, so that means I’m slacking and now I’m back.
Things are going better – Thank you all for the well wishes and support over the last few weeks. Life has been hectic, but Jerry and I are holding it together. He’s holding me together and I am forever grateful for that.

Cammy is, still, quite the light in our house. Last weekend, we went to Columbia MO for more Sesame Street live, to meet my high school best friends Daughter whom I had never met, and to get caught up on my Godmother duties. Her daughter Brandi who is eight is my only Godchild. I used to purchase things for her and keep them around the house since I never see her. They don’t live far enough away for the distance to be a real issue, its honestly just a convenient one. Okay maybe they do, Columbia to St. Louis isn’t like driving to south county, but I like to think I can get out to see her more often. Her second daughter who I had never met is almost three and quite the fire cracker, and totally different from Brandi when she was that age. She’s a powerful little personality, Her and Cammy got along famously. Hanging out with Candace gave me the opportiuity to remember why we were friends in the first place. She and I connect like Spoken and I do. Like no matter how long its been we just pick right up and keep going. As much as I hate that part I’ve learned to just accept it for what it is. Not many people can come back into your life and be able to pick up right where you left off and that is a blessing in itself.
I rented a Pontiac Vibe for the trip, and loved that little car. Hopefully, we’ll find one once second car time becomes more imminent that it already is. Great gas mileage and cute and roomy. It’s a perfect second car for out little family.
We also met one of Jerry’s cousins, they are moving to St. Louis from Michigan and Jerry is the only family they have here. They are a wonderful couple. The Cousin is commuting from Michigan for now, and the fiancé is starting her job here this week, no kids, but they are great, and I’m really glad we have met them. Jerry and his cousin were both kinda nervous but got along great, they came over for barbeque. We are gonna see a lot of them both I hope, her while he is out of town – she’s a Grey head too! And him when he gets here permanently.
We are working on having the wall fixed in our tenants apartment, he’s got water damage on one wall, and we are concerned about the possibility of mold in that wall, and the guy who came out advised us FIVE THOUSAND dollars to fix it. My sister was like “Yo! You’re a Slum Lord!” I may have to remain a slum lord for a little while longer, cause I ain’t got five grand today. I’ll be praying on that one, any of you praying moms out there if you got a spare prayer laying around, I’d love it if you’d use it on this one.
We are also running the possibility of renovating the house into a single family unit. We love our tenant, but man we are smashed into that space, and I would love to stretch out. We would of course miss his rent but we could live with out it. I say that now, but around the first…
Any who, I made Chicken Marsala last night– it’s a time consuming recipe better done on the weekend rather than during the week, and it went over really well. Jerry loves it, I finally put the actually recipe in my binder of greatness. I am going to register for my pastry class this weekend. And I need to start buying the supplies for my class, I need pastry bags, bowls, all kinds of cool fun stuff. Maybe I can get an airbrush too.
STILL WORKING ON THE BIKE THING. Its so frustrating when you want to be active and the forces conspire against you. I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and make this happen one way or another.


Blogger Akilles said...

Good to finally here form one of you guys. I know this may not help, but he bike thing never really gets easier. there are days when I lay in bed trying to talk myself out of riding. Then there are days when I just go.

There is a bike road course being offered in Ferguson sometime soon - mostly basic bike stuff and riding/commuting, traffic, and some hints. usually this class is around 9-12 hours and costs about $55, but this program is making it free. Check out the Bike Fed site for more info. I'm thinking of going - depending on when it is so if youd like to I'd be honored to escort you ;)

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how come you never post any pics of that hunky hubby of yours? Is he shy?

2:31 PM  

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