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Weddings and Anatomy

Hey Gang.

It has been a long span of moments since I last posted. I photographed a wedding. And I understand now why Photographers charge out the ARSE to take care to preserve memories. That smack is expensive, I spent four hundred dollars to make six, doesn’t sound right does it? Seventy bucks worth of batteries. SEVENTY DOLLARS. Flashes and cameras and backups cause you gonna go thru a couple sets of batteries in ten hours on non stop shooting. Six hundred photos – that I probably got two hundred fifty useable pictures and maybe forty real gems, and I still have to order a proof book for them and offer a album and all kinda stuff, and then I have to know if they liked the work, I’d hate for somebody to spend that kinda money and not like my work.
Few of the funnier moments during the wedding, The bride is afraid of bubbles. I like to use bubbles as filler and glitter to make pictures pretty and magical, give them that fantasy feeling. She was afraid of the bubbles…. How is a grown woman afraid of bubbles? The pastor, was clearly in a hurry and the wedding was delaying him from being somewhere – prolly a NBA playoff game or something, he was like hurry up and skip this – you don’t want to really light that unity candle do you? Do you? So you want to give you mom a flower… do that afterwards. Holla back ya’llz is married now!!

Grey’s Anatomy – BEST DANG SHOW ON TV!!!

Okay – if you all didn’t know. I love Grey’s Anatomy. Its my favorite show. My girl Spoken got me addicted. And she bought us (yes we co- own many items, should our friendship ever dissolve we’ll have to have divorce proceedings to get over who will get what.) the season one DVD. I haven’t watched the whole season one, but I’ve seen enough recap shows to know the deal, (but I’ve been watching season two pretty much from the get go)  to watch it all soon. Any who last night was a new Show and I’ll just tell you, it was AWESOME! Okay this is my take on the show, and I have decided if even one of you posts that you love this show and watch I’m gonna start leaving my dissertation on it weekly. And tell you – you should read what the writers have to say about the show – after new episodes they post their thoughts to a blog- see my list if you wanna read it.  

Okay here we go – Episode Blues for Sister Someone
Web site recap
Izzie grills George about the personal details of his life, Addison takes Alex to task about a sensitive case, and Burke feels the pressure when he treats his musical hero.

Okay. Just for back ground, I should tell you Spoken says I’m about as Brash and insensitive as Christine. So I’ll start with Burke. I love the twist of this line for him. You never see him this open and sincere and afraid, we got a little glimpse of it when he was trying to get Christine to move in with him and give up her apartment. But to really be afraid that he best wasn’t gonna be good enough, in this case, it was personal. He knew even with his best the chances were slim and to completely understand why that musician had to try, why he felt the way he felt, gives us such a glimpse into him. Watching him lose his idol on his table was moving, with the violin playing in the background.  And I love how accepting Christina was of the revelation that Burke wasn’t the genius she though the was, a genius yes, but of a different kind. And I can see how he could think she would be less than okay with that- did you hear her cutting up the vet saying he wasn’t a “real doctor”?  She is so driven to be the best. I’m very much like that. Ask Spoken. Even in fun stuff, I need to be the best, its why Jerry and I play poker. Cause I’m really good at poker. But I can accept you not being the best – and I find it endearing that burke was afraid she couldn’t and she rose to the occasion and did.  

Addison. I love her. At first I was like – mmmm bad wife, but now I get her. Took like two episodes and now I get her. Why do I love Addison, cause she is the one putting herself out there. Yes Mer gave the whole “Love me” speech, but, man, She FLEW ACROSS THE COUNTRY and took another job, made friends with the other woman, lives in a RV and walks the other woman’s dog at the crack of dawn and gets poison oak from it and keeps pluggin away.  She came to Seattle Grace to fight for her marriage- which I don’t think she can save – so her initial presence on the show was that of a woman at war. Fighting up hill. And she is great. She made a mistake, which I think was both parties fault, and I think they’re marriage was dead before she slept with her hubbys best friend (ouch- so not good) but being the one who made the MAJOR, major faux pas, she is doing something we never see on TV – she’s trying to honor her wedding vows and work it out. Now to get burned by the doofus intern who talks too much, (I’ll address his stupid arse later.)   that’s is just bad karma. I think she did the right thing, I think her medical decision was sound, she did what her patient asked her to do. For Alex to step over the bounds and tell the hubby, and for the wife to be like “you’ll live but you’re on your own. Oh, yeah you rock and thanks”  that’s just cold blooded. And I’d toss her out there and save my rep if I were Allison. But keeping Alex around is asking for trouble – they are gonna sleep together, they got that spark, its inevitable. Alex needs some counseling and to be barred from practicing medicine unless he gets a serious attitude adjustment. Sometimes the truth as you see it is necessary and sometimes its not- he just doesn’t hear that “not” part… I thought he was totally out of line, and when Allison finds out he got this started, its gonna be on. And I was really glad she and McDreamy got to have hot sex. She needed it, even if he was offering for all the wrong reasons. (anybody else notice that he came home and had shower sex with Addison, after watching Mer come out of another man’s shower wet and in his shirt? Anybody? Anybody?)

McDreamy. He’s turning into a jerk. And he had it coming. Cause he’s cheating both Mer and Addison. He’s cheating Addison cause he’s not really trying, he just doesn’t want to be the one who gave up on the marriage. When he left Manhattan she was the one who killed it by sleeping with the friend, so he’s being the bigger person and trying to make it work so he can say he “tried” and pick up with Mer once he’s given the required effort and pushed Addison away so much she can’t keep trying. He just assumes she’ll (Meredith)  still be available, which is why I LOVE the vet being tossed in to that mix. Between McSteamy, McVet, and McDreamy, Addison, and Meredith its gonna be some fireworks.   I love that he just assumes she slept with the Vet, although it looked incriminating, in his shirt fresh from a shower, and he deserves the pang he felt when he saw her, just a little Karma, it made him angry and he wanted to punish Mer for not staying as miserable as he his forcing himself to be so they can be together later, so he went home and screwed his wife, he wanted to be the man who caused the shower she was coming from, so he went home to cause SOMEBODY’s shower... And if that’s what it takes to give my girl Addison some good lovins – so be it.

Izzy, I love her for choosing Denny even if its against the rules. I adore George and Dr Bones together. I love her character, I got alotta her in me too. She is the most normal woman of color on a show like this on TV and she makes the little white girls uncomfortable cause she’s not like them. And I like that about her. She’s exactly who she is. She got flava. And she’s glad to have a regular good man. She can see the McDreamy in George, and she makes George see the McDreamy in himself, which is what a good woman does. She doesn’t need a McSteamy, McVet, or a McDreamy, she got a McGeorge, and a lot of women watching this show would be glad to get a McGeorge if they could.  
Anyway that is my rant for today. Tune in next week…


Anonymous chelle said...

Thank you Thank You for the recap on Grey's, my husband gave it to me too, however yours was they way I would see it.

I have always rooted for Mcdreamy and Mer...however I am loving the vet too!

11:10 PM  
Blogger Queue said...

no problem, I luvs to talk about Grey's - it just recently occurred to me that I could POST IT and we could all talk abou it too..


11:34 PM  
Blogger Copasetic Soul said...

nice recap. glad im not the only one diggin Grey's. im thinking its the best show on TV at the moment. it has surpassed ER, CSI as my favorite show.

3:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! GREYS is my magic! I love Sundays for more then amazing church!

6:50 PM  

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