Monday, April 10, 2006

Rocky and Bullwinke love

Hey all.. I’ve had a pretty basic weekend. We did the cake and ice cream thing and we are getting ready for Easter and the Floetry concert. My Girlfriend is having surgery promptly after all of that, and then my grandmother sometime after that so now we have to find Early childhood development schooling for Cammy, at least a few days a week, so we got a lot going on however I wanted to take some time out to voice my displeasure over this article about Christians and their tolerance.
The reason I bring this up is this was voice and argued about over the weekend – with the most brainless argument – by my brother in law – who would freak if he knew I was posting about him – so lets call him Peet.
This article and Peet both walk around the same lines. But I firmly believe that this article and people whom hold beliefs along these line are decidedly acting in a non Christian way. I’m getting ahead of my self. Let me move back.
This whole thing started when we were talking about seeing Brokeback Mountain. He was saying he didn’t want to see it, no matter how well made or good a movie, those people didn’t exist – ect, he didn’t want to see “those people” and they can’t really be in love ect. Well, seeing as his brother in law –My brother, previously mentioned in this blog as Cammy’s favorite, and my biggest pain in the butt sibling – is gay and very out and living with his boyfriend who has been in our family as long as Peet has, this made me a bit concerned.
“So what you are saying Peet, is that Rocky and Bullwinkle don’t love each other? That they go through hell and high water to be together and accept additional racisms in addition to being young black men.”
“its not the same for Rocky – cause he’s family” This sentence was said with lots of stutter and disbelief that I even put it out there. But you guys know me, I ain’t never scared to put it out there. So we went back and forth with him dancing around the issue before my husband ticked me off by telling me to let the conversation drop.
Then I read this article about how people are suing for the right to be intolerant.
You want it to be legal for you to make other people uncomfortable because they choose to live a life you are uncomfortable with for yourself? I just can't grasp how that is supposed to be the christian way of living, Jesus never forced himself on anyone - so why as christians do so many beleive that this would be Jesus's way? I just can't grab a hold of this thought process people, I got so much more to say on this one but its gonna have to wait a little bit.


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