Monday, April 03, 2006

The inner struggle

I feel a lot lately, especially since Jerry got back. I feel a bit out of control. I want to take control of my house but I can’t seem to grab it all. As I tried to explain to him, Cammy and I had just hit a cycle, a rhythm when he got back, and now I feel like I’m losing it. On all levels, I can’t keep the house clean, can’t keep us all fed, can’t (fill in the blank here) well. And I have become snippy about it. I did miss Jerry terribly while he was away, as many of you can attest to but now that he’s back there are individual moments I wish I could ship back to Japan. Point In Case :Setting: In the middle of what ever I was doing, lets say working on the non profit web site, or friends bio or anything to that effect which would require me to be on a Computer  while Jerry is on the other end of house probably doing something wonderful –like laundry – cause he does that and I know how lucky I am that he does so just for Jerry points let put him at just changing a load of laundry.He comes up the stairs and finds Cammy knee deep in a dirty diaper.

Jerry : You wanna change Cammy?
Inner Quita: Now that is the dumb ass question of the millennium
Quita: No.
Jerry : You sure? She needs to be changed?
Inner Quita: You are right there, you found the dirty diaper that one is on you.
Quita: Sweetie, I’m kinda in the middle of something can you handle it?
Jerry : Sure. (picking up Cammy coming to the couch and putting her down and starting to remove diaper)  Hey – can you go grab me a diaper?
Inner Quita: So rather than stopping to change her – you want me to stop to be pit crew captain?
Quita: I, wait, sure.
Jerry : How about some wipes too?
Inner Quita: According to my calculations, normally one would prepare for the task before you sit down to complete it, maybe grab a wipe and a diaper before you take off the dirty one.
Quita: No problem.
Jerry : I think she wants some juice, You want so juice Cammy?

Cammy: JUUUICEE!!!
Inner Quita: She’s two she always wants juice?!
Quita: Yeah, okay Juice too.
Inner Quita: For all of this I should have just changed the #$%&!! diaper myself.
Jerry : there we go all changed - Inner Quita: I feel like the diaper intern

Quita: Okay.
Jerry : hey I’m sore all over my neck – I’ve had a low grade headache for  a while now?
Inner Quita: bet he wants me to rub his neck .
Quita: The Did you take some Advil or Orudus? Jerry : No. Is it in the cabinet in the bathroom?
Inner Quita: Normally.
Quita: I don’t know.
Jerry : Can you check and bring me a couple?
Inner Quita: Can anybody see me doing anything?
Quita: sure. You want water?

Jerry: Thank you baby. Can you rub on me for a little while? Only if you feel like it.
Inner Quita: Thanks - Saw that coming a mile a way.

Quita: Sure thing baby.

Jerry: Only not right there – over here and you gotta push harder cause you got weak fingers and you won’t hit it, but that’s too hard and

Quita: Okay – I quit, I give.

Jerry: Thanks sweetie I appreciate it.

Inner Quita: How can you appreciate a massage you had to dictate and direct like low grade porn? And how is it I’m still not doing what I started doing before the diaper?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your man is a LOSER! Dump him and date me!!

Rodriquez De La Rosa

1:30 PM  
Blogger Queue said...

Coming on to a married woman - at all - then to try it by insulting her husband doesn't make you the smartest cookie in the jar Rodriquez -I'm almost ashamed you have my beloved Q in your name! I guess my husband is right my scarcasm is lost on mere mortals, or my husband left this post andI am falling into his trap. Either way... anonymous is never as much fun as they think they are.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Babatunda Jenkins said...

My lovings will sweep you into a whirlwind of seductions, my pet...Leave your silly man behind and come ride the winds with me!


2:02 PM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

Girl, I think it is just part of a man thing. They see the forrest and we see the trees, cause without them, the forrest doesnt exist. I feel that way sometimes when Rich has been home all day and the sink is still full of dishes or the laundry is done...but in a pile on the dryer. Our house is always a mess. And I feel so overwhelmed that I do nothing. When I am at my sisters, it seems so easy to keep things neat and clean. Why not here? It is very frustrating. Our responsibility however lies in the fact that the inner us doesnt vocalize how we feel, expecting them to read our mind. If we dont ask for it, we cant always be upset the dont get it. And at the same time, THEY SHOULD JUST GET IT!!!!!!!

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. Yes that inner Gretchen defintely is with the inner Quita. For sure!

2:51 PM  

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