Monday, April 03, 2006

For the love of Cammy...

Today I am going to start doing exactly what I said I was going to do. Blog about my daughter. I said I wanted to journal better about her growing and changing – because I don’t scrap as much as I would like and my photos are coming fewer and farther in between – yes I know that means just a hundred pictures at a time, rather than thousands, but hey – she’s my first born. I came to this thought process as Jerry and I were discussing the practicality of an additional child (there really isn’t much). We were talking about the difficulty Cammy has shown to be imminent should a sibling be in her near future. Cammy has developed a serious mommy attachment. I kinda saw this coming especially when Jerry went to Japan, and no matter how I asked him to call home and talk to her – he tended to forget or call to late to catch her before bed time.  Granted the time difference is thirteen hours but hey – I don’t ask for much, but he has been decidedly more male lately so I will take what I can get. Anyway – She is seriously against sharing mommy with anybody. Shes become a very anti morning child, very upset about my absence when she wakes in the morning, usually she is greeting by her caregiver and she’s happy about it, not lately though. However there are two ways to guarantee genuine tears from The Camster as she is lovingly referred to as, and that is
  1. Comb her hair- its like you set her up for life imprisonment at age two

  2. Hug the mommy.
That’s right, just hug me, don’t even have to bother with removing me from the room. Just a hug will do it. She gets this very cautious look on her face when her daddy leans on my shoulder during T.V. like – you are gonna make her leave.  Screaming Cammy is one of my least favorite Cammy’s so – don’t touch me people, no matter how bad I look like I could use a hug.

Hope you get over that before I forget too many birth control pills kid, I don’t do the morning after pill, and while I’m pro choice – I am pro life so its safe to assume one day if your pops and I keep practicing one day we gonna fail that 99.56% accuracy I keep reading on the side of that Ovcon 35 box. We’ll see. I guess we’ll just see….


Anonymous chelle said...

aww how cute that she is so possessive!! she loves you!!! I imagine that even though her Daddy is the one out of town, she has to wonder if you too will need to take a trip? That would be scary!

11:47 PM  
Blogger Spoken said...

Sooooo, does this mean we're not going to New York this summer? Now I understand I am the friend that doesn't have kids but I use to be one zt one point so I think I could possibly remember what it was liek to be possesive of my mom. But then again I do come to that house on a regular. Man she really won't like the Nee nee by start of May. Maybe I should rethink this whole thing (wink, wink).

By the way, read the comment. And being a loser doesn't make you a better winner. I justr makes you a loser. Deal with it. Smooches.

12:06 AM  

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