Friday, April 21, 2006

frantically calm

So yesterday was a long day. My girl was released from the hospital and is now parked rather uncomfortably on my chase. My house isn’t exactly suited for surgery recovery, with toddlers and dogs abound,  but at least we love her, and I can make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid like go to dinner and a movie four days after surgery. EXACTLY. You know people who stress about being a burden and keep going over and over how they don’t want to be a burden, she’s one of those people. Ever notice how that’s more burdensome, and annoying than if they would just let you help them? Yeah.

My whole house is filled with tired stressed people. My husband is stressed and I don’t know how to help him, lately I frustrate him, while he has been nothing but wonderful to and for me. Its times like this when I just want to do something really nice to/for him. If I could afford a massage for him, I’d call our personal masseuse, and have her work him over for an hour. But alas. I know there are a few things I need to woman-up about so I think I’m gonna handle that and see if that don’t help the situation.  

Cammy wants to spend a bunch of time with me and I want to spend it with her too. Tomorrow I think we are gonna work as cheaply as we can in the yard. She loves the outside, and maybe we can get some park time in too. I need to renew my garden membership, I used to go there and just walk. I miss that. In the mean time, I am blessed and have a good life. Something positive – Jerry makes me laugh even when I’m mad and while that makes me mad at the split second it happens I am secretly happy about it.

The week is almost over, I used WAY Too much vacation time this month–it is possible I should have worked on my birthday (ARGH!!!) and good Friday (sorry Lord), but I didn’t so that is all on me, I’ll lament the loss of those days in December I’m sure. I really, really wish I could take Cammy to get pictures done, but money is funny but wait a second… I’m a photographer, so I think I’ll take her out to do some photos, I think I’ll also invest in some lights and backdrops in the next few months so I can do it myself, and maybe make some extra money shooting peoples children and pets. Now THERE is an idea! I need to study up on wedding shots I have a wedding next weekend, and A baby shower. We’ll see how it goes. And I need to update my photography website, I’ve decided to junk the poetry site and focus on photography, It was just too hard to try and get that poetry idea off the ground alone. And St Louis’ poetry scene isn’t about the whole scene just YOUR scene, so I knew I wouldn’t find too much help there. Besides I love capturing peoples memories for them. Love being involved in such an intimate way. To be trusted to be the eyes, that is just a wondrous thing. Anyway I am getting back to work… Really I am.


Blogger Akilles said...

hey - pictures is a good idea. we were just thinking of the same thing - doing a family portrait ourselves.

go for it. maybe you can take ours.

i hope you don't mind that i usually reply to your comments as a comment on my own blog. i'll try to email or something if you don't see that I appreciate you leaving a note.

Cammy looks great. Maybe we can get together at the Garden soon.


6:57 PM  
Blogger Copasetic Soul said...

yo, writing is a good stress reliever..."hint","hint".

hey, i was down to help with the poetry sight...i was taking pictures and er'thang....lets get that ball rolling again.

4:07 AM  

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