Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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Top 10 hip hop albums (in no particular order)

Jay –Z the black album
Mos Def
Dr Dre – the cronic – I wasn’t a hip hop head and I had this album
Common – Be
Snoop – doggystyle best snoop album yet, so hot he keeps trying to copy it and keeps missing, you just get glimpses
DMX –its dark and hell is hot-he’s crazy but the CD was off the banger…
Outkast – southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik
Tupac – Me against the world tied with all eyes on me – I had them both – and both got yanked go figure.
*** will contiune once I have more time to think on it

top 5 artists

Jay Z is number one – there I said it and I meant it
4.Talib Quali
5. *** will start arguments so I’ma leave it blank – nah I’m pu tmy fifth up there – Eminem there I said it and I meant that s@#$!@!!  

Top 5 groups

2. tribe
3. the roots
4. Run DMC
5.tie – Fugees (aka Lauryn Hill)  and heavy D and the boys – for nostalgia sakes man – its like would I list SWV in the top R&B groups – yes I had all of their albums too…

just for mentionings sake
Loved -  Method Man, salt and pepa, I was a HUGE Queen Latifah fan, LL Cool j probably would hav emade top ten for me, even with his shirt on,  Common would have been number six for me, Will smith,Ice Cube  and Lil Kim would have made my top ten easy.

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Blogger CousinSarah said...

Queue, you put Jay first. I thought we were cool. How could you cut me so deep? What is GOING ON!!!!!!!!!

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