Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Would you like a t-shirt?

last week was my birthday – it was a relatively quiet and simple day for me. Got up and took Jerry to work, and Took Cammy to have breakfast at my moms house and drop off some stuff to my mom to mail to my uncle Patrick in Iraq (who is now on his way home safe! yeah baby) visit with my Uncle Joe – home for the first time in years, (welcome home Uncle) and give Cammy a few minutes with her Granny’s. Then we went to the Zoo, and hung out at the Park, walked around the Jewel box, Ran up this hill covered in flowers, little posies or something like that, at least I like to think they were posies. We got to just hang out and for the very first time, I really, really envied stay at home moms. I got to thinking about all the day trips we could take and all the things I could show her and teach her and watch her learn it all. We could bike ride and spend mornings in the botanical gardens, and go tot all the cool places we never seen to find time for on the weekends, like the Magic House, Grant’s Farm, Purina Farms, the Science Center, the Butterfly House has a carousel in that same park not to mention all the butterflies, Botanical Garden which is like RIGHT OUT SIDE MY HOUSE!!! And they have a new children’s garden, then there is the Art Museum which is where Jerry and I met, Turtle Playground, History Museum, city Museum has World Aquarium now, and a circus that performs every day. Then there is Worldways Children’s Museum, she loves birds, so World Bird Sanctuary would be good, her dad would like Wild Canid Survival Center a wolf sanctuary. I really need to be more proactive in getting out of the house early and going to take advantage of the stuff that is right here for us. Even if I can’t say home with her – I can work on making the most of our time together. Making sure she can see everything and try everything. That’s what I remember most about being a kid, my mom was huge about making sure we saw everything and went everywhere. That we got the chance to see everything the world had to offer. Funny thing is though She made my world view bigger than hers and now Cammy’s will be bigger than mine I suppose. I hope that traveling to other countries and cultures will be old hat for her by the time she has a family of her own. So in an effort to get us to that, I think I’m gonna buy a kid trailer for a bike and use my dad and mom’s bikes to pull her around our neighborhood.
any who - Easter was sunday and we had a easter egg hunt in the yard at my moms house, the kids played Musical chairs and it was a great time. Cammy hung out with her cousin Pierre, and he is just a wonderful kid, I love love love him. he's exactly the kind of big brother like person I'm so glad Cammy has. My friend spoken had surgery yesterday - we've been running a round getting preped for that as well, so we been a little busy, but the surgery went well thankfully and she'll be posting more often cause she'll be at my house once released from the hospital. Expect more posts about that as our house gets smaller and smaller and smaller. Sheba is coming in May and so is Marc Marcel, so it will certianly be interesting. We are also car shopping for spoken and apartment hunting, wish us luck. We also went to the Floetry concert. it was a good show, we got to hang with Nat after, I got to cook for her which was nice, grilled her some salmon on the fly- (that is another post about how hard it is to get fresh slamon anywhere in St.Louis after 8 p.m) next time though she gonna have to come to the house... So that is always fun seeing them, although the last few times, Marsh hasn't felt too well after the show, I hope she gets better real soon.
anyway - everything has been everything. Lafe is moving along, Jerry and I have been working it out. Making it work - being safe in each other, so i'll post more as things progress,a nd I remember all the things i have to say.


Blogger CousinSarah said...

did you just say that you COOKED for Natalie? Are you serious? Is that her in your pictures? Girl I just want to sit in her essence and listen to her thinking for 10 minutes.

I am so jealous right now I dont know what to say. She touched me so deeply. In a way I havent been moved in a long time. Wow queue. Amazing.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Queue said...

She's a great person - but usually shes just silly as all hell.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous chelle said...

Wow! You know you do not have to be a stay at home mom to open the world to your kids...weekends are great and as long as there is a balance your family's love is what truly counts!

3:25 PM  
Blogger Queue said...

Yeah I know that part but that doesn't make it any easier to not be able to do what you want to with and for your kids..

3:40 PM  

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