Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fifteen minutes past bed time

There is this poet whom I really, really love, Her name is Bassey Ikpi. She’s great but kinda like Sade, you can’t read or listen to too much cause if you’re not careful you’ll commit suicide. Exactly. She made this mention in her journal and I love it so much I sent her a friend request via her myspace, despite the fact that I haven’t left a comment on her actual journal in months. Any way here is the quote:

if you need a song, then you don't have a poem. That would probably be your first problem. So I probably won't be going to very many open mics. – Bassey

man do you know how much I am feeling that?!?! Do you know I had to stop going to open mics? They were killing me, I had stopped respecting the mic – I had to stop going.
I miss writing poetry. I haven’t just written in a long while. My only communion with other poets has only come via blogs and websites ect. I miss sitting in a room with people who are better writers than me and soaking up everything they have to give. I am sad to say I believe I am one of the best writers in the St Louis spoken word scene, and that totally sucks because – dude I’m really only like okay. Do you know how much that sucks to not have inspiration from other writers? And then I’m not depressed, so that means I have less ammo to fire with, and I love my husband but he’s not cheating and I’m not hurting and its not that kind of drama filled relationship so –dang it- I don’t have that whole pool of  hurt and self loathing to pull from. Its like a Mary J bilge album, you know they are better when Mary is hurting. When KC left her ass that album was off the banger. Happy Mary? That joint is just gonna be okay.

Any who – anybody else sick of the myth that pregnancy is only nine months long , 40 weeks is TEN count’em 10 months , so how ev’ry body keep getting nine months out of that?

This week I got my new drivers license with my married name on it. Got our marriage certificate too, couldn’t get one with out the other. My husbands chest got all puffed out when I showed him the new plastic card that now identifies me as his wife. That’s a lot ot give up your name. As if in marrying you become a different person. I wonder if I am different than I would be if I had not married? Men’s names don’t change – are they expected to stay the same?

I don’t like cough drops.

I should have taken Cammy out to the park today, I didn’t. I lost mom points on that one. We’ll go outside tomorrow.

I need ink for the printer.

The guy at the bike shop laughed when I told him I was looking for a bike trailer for my kid so I could finish my suburban mom transformation. I remember when I was cool, then I gave birth and its like I forgot to check my cool out of the hospital. Now I’m mom. I’m the kid of mom who goes to kiddie gym, and need a bike trailer, and goes to interview school, and I could go on but its boring.

I’m rambling now and this is getting long, so I’m gonna post it.


Anonymous chelle said...

lol wow your mind is all over the!

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