Sunday, July 09, 2006

Be careful what you ask for.....

Guess what I got over the weekend?
Guess whose ass hurts like a mug?

bike riding wasn't this hard when I was fifteen, at least I don't remember it being so difficult. I'm certainly Gonna pick up a gel seat cause the one on the bike is KILLIN MY ASS. My kid thinks its the best thing that ever happened to her, EVER. She wants to ride it in all the time, she'd probably be sublimely happy if we set it up in the living room so she could watch Dora in it.
We had a wear out the toddler Sunday which included Swimming, playing in a fountain at our local park, and of course bike riding through the neighborhood. It felt really good to get out and let my body work. I really can't wait to do it again, with a gel seat.


Jerry and I went with his cousin to a WONDERFUL restaurant in South city. There is background story however so let me tell it will ya!
Okay when Jerry and I married in Jamaica at an average resort so our family could come with us, then we switched to a very posh, very expensive resort for our honeymoon. We heard great things about the food there so we went to the sushi place for dinner on the first night and ran into a couple from St. Louis, Wendy and Paul. We talked and talked and they told us how recently back home there had been a MAJOR explosion at the propane gas factory near our home before they left, which also happened to be near their restaurant. So we talked about the menu and how they got into it - cause this was back when I was just beginning to admit that that was what I wanted to do. They finished there dinner and told us we should drop by for dinner and visit with them. Well we got back and everytime I heard something about the restaurant I said to myself I really need to go, I mentioned it a few times to Jerry, he was never really in the mood to try new stuff right when that question was asked, and before I knew it it had been a year, so fast forward to Saturday night, I was fretting over finding something good for dinner - with out going to a chain or cooking it myself. Then it dawned on me, you know we should try that restaurant the couple we met in Jamaica owns.

Jerry's response was "Who?" After refreshing his memory he was game and off we went. And OH MY GOD! It was awesome. The name of hte place is Eleven Eleven Mississippi The food was spectacular, the atmosphere was wonderful, And we got to see Wendy who remembered exactly who we were - as if we are so forgettable, and then even bought us dessert, which was AWESOME, I had Gooey Butter Cake - easily the best I've ever had, Jerry had this amazing Vanilla custard Napoleon thing with caramelized bananas - and seeing as how I have just discovered the wonder that is vanilla custard in the last few months it was the most perfect presentation of tasty goodness, and J's cousin had a cantaloupe sherbert that tasted like the most perfect melon ever grown, and I didn't put that in caps just to be different. And the appetizers the mussels were awesome, and the wild boar raviolli, and the citrus salmon entree, and the duck or the halibut and man - I'm gonna stop or we'll be going back there for lunch today.

anywho, This is the second new restaurant we have been to since I started my 1001, so I'm am on my way!


Anonymous melissa b. said...

I must MUST visit this restaurant! It sounds so yummy. I love finding great places to eat, especially when they know how to do salmon. Thank you!

1:05 PM  
Blogger Akilles said...

great news about the cycling. yes, get a comfy seat. makes all the difference. you have a good shop near you - AM at Arsenal and Morganford.

we can try and hook up some time. i am riding everyday day now - two days a week with full fencing gear on my back as well. keep those legs moving!

11:26 AM  
Blogger So Jaded said...

I think I know the park you are talking about. If it's the one I'm thinking of, we were there Sunday as well. The pool wasn't filled up, but the fountains were on, right?

I want to go back again sometime soon!

1:53 PM  
Anonymous chelle said...

awww that is awesome about the bike!!!! Get a good seat and you will be flying!

5:24 PM  
Blogger thir13teenandtheysayitain'tlucky said...

i got a bike for mother's day. it's been pretty cool. tiring as heck though. lost my first bike race as an adult a few days ago to my 15 yr old godson... coming to nat's?

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

Ass hurts like a MUG? I have no idea what that means but it is my new favorite phrase. No. Don't tell me. I like the mystery.

4:38 PM  

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