Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A moment of good and not so good

I love the Boondocks. For those who don't know its a Comic strip which hits on all my favorite rants. But i have heard some less than happy things about my favorite strip, but i think I already knew most of it.

First off Aaron McGruder- the original cartoonist doesn't draw the strip anymore. And that sucks, cause the new chick has started putting her mark on the kids and their hands are different and they are chunkier - like they need a low carb diet.

He's not planning on putting the crew back. I miss the daily part of the boondocks, While its cool to fire off on Bushy when ever he gives an opening- and I admit you could find one everyday - I liked strips about the kids being kids, and the white kids trying to learn how to be around the urban kids. It was my life, and it was funny! I like them interacting with grandpa about lawn mowing and, kool-aide and whatever. I miss Jasmine and her family, I was looking forward to the Asian DJ kid making his debut. Anyway may be I'll get them in the T.v Show....

THE BOONDOCKS (Cartoon Network) - The failed FOX pilot has found new life as the cable channel has committed to 15 half-hour episodes of the animated comedy, which is based on the Aaron McGruder comic strip of the same name. The network hopes to begin production in time for "Boondocks" to premiere in the fall of 2005 as part of its successful "Adult Swim" lineup. McGruder will executive produce the project, which comes from Sony Pictures Television, alongside Reggie Hudlin. "Boondocks" tracks the adventures of two boys, Riley and Huey, who experience a culture clash when they move from inner-city Chicago to the suburbs to live with their grandfather.
That's the good part - I guess we'll see what happens! I hope Aaron doesn't forget that all the good intentions, the bigger goals, the bigger giants to slay can be misconstrued and could be missed and those opportunities wasted if you can't remember what got you where you are!! Viva Boondocks!!! Viva Huey!! and much love Aaron McGruder.


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