Monday, May 02, 2005

Birth of a Leader

It was a regular Saturday evening. We were visiting with my uncle who recently lost his wife after the birth of their daughter. he has been surrounded by my aunts, cousins, realtives left and right and in addition their children are present as well. this was the first time Cam got to hang out with these children, at least while I was around. Her great granny takes her to church and these children all attend with tehm so i'm sure she's better aquainted with them than I am. But to watch her interact with the other children it easy to see her personaltity blossom and take shape.
Cam is an early walker, toddling along since the super bowl this year she started at a nerve racking 7 1/2 months to walk. She is the second walking among my family's next generation. Ages currently 2 weeks to 18 months - beaten mind you only by the eighteen month old girl Jameila - who is Cammy's best little friend, and who taught her to walk. After watching those two together I firmly beleive babies, infants, small toddlers, what ever you call them can communicate between one another perfectly. Anyway after learning from Jammy the finer points of walking, she tried to explain to her cousin Bam-Bam, the apparent simplicity of the art.

He did not agree. We watched with amusement as Cammy tried to convince Bam to stand on up and take a stroll with her. Clearly she had things she wanted to show him and he was moving too slow with the crawling. Bam was insistant he was not getting up. Cammy pulled is shirt sleeve, he was not deterred. IT WAS HILARIOUS! But it showed me another side to my little girl. We had already figured out she was a quick learner. But she's a leader as well. She wanted him to know how to do what she could do. Now Bam being a few months older and a few inches shorter he found cammy to be very interesting at first, then he was like "no I'm not walking anywhere. And that's that" His mom and immediate family members carry him alot. Cammy would never stand for it, she always wanted to be put down helped along maybe but not carried. Funny how much of you turns up in your kids?


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