Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Eastside Out - the reality series

One of our family's best friends Adam is moving to Japan in less than five weeks, and it is a joyous occasion for him and we are so proud, but on the other hand - Adam is leaving, and he is such a fixture in our home it is like sending our child away on his first adventure.

Last night he came over to have Jerry pick out his laptop for the trip. They sat around talking about fantasy worlds, politics, roleplaying, computers and video games all while shooting up random fish on X-box Halo 2 live. i stuckmy two cents in 'Jerry -didyou set up his e-mail account yet?' and 'I'll show you how to blog so you can tell us what is going on,' and ' don't forget to buy a digital camera as soon as you get there,' all that was left was for me to spit clean his cheek and let him go. I told him I wish they could have made a reality show of his antics on this trip, we could call in Eastside out. We both know he's gonna turn that country inside out for sure. But I'm more excited about the change the country will hve on him. They played computer games and ate bad soup, and talked for hours before Jerry came to bed.

As the time passes I become more and more aware of what his absence will mean to our house. Who will Jerry call to just talk to? Who will I call to come and save me from Jerry as only your husbands best friend can? Who will speak Japanize to the girl? Who will leave Guiniess in my fridge? Who will kiss me on the cheek everytime I cook for him? Who will show up at exactly athe right time? Who will take Jerry to see movies I just don't want to see? Who will ride with us and fold himself in our way too little back seat just to make faces at the baby? Who will tell us tales of fencing (with swords silly!) and coffeeshops and all the chics he should have tried to pickup but didn't? Who will drive us crazy by just being Adam?

But as any mother knows, it is his time. I've never met someone whose time has come so blatanly - there are neon signs and naked women dancing by the airport gates. We will miss him, but we look forward to the man he returns as. Maybe he will be albe to tackle this challege head on and do the things he never dreamed he could. J and i know he has it in him, I just wish it didn't take a whole different contienet and at least a year there for him to find it. But he will and we will welcome him back to chilled Guiness and open ears for the tales he did not send to us in e-mail. I've never been so glad to miss someone.


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