Monday, April 25, 2005

It really is Monday...

I'm in a better mood than I thought I would be today, we signed the contract on our home today, and I've scheduled the first inspection/appraisal thingy - SWEET!!! We had a very long very active weekend that was still not long enough. J's had a very family active weekend, we met his cousin from California, had dinner with his mother aunt and several other cousins, and he talked to his father a few times. It made me realize how active our lives could be if we were more active in his family. I guess that's coming soon! We're both excited about this house thing. Looking forward to beginning to make it a home for us and The Girl.
She was in rare form this weekend. Very talkative and very friendly with J's family, normally she's a little more reserved with people, but I think she kinda knew we didn't have a lot of time with these people and she warmed up really quick to them. Jerry and I had our weekly deep conversation. And my father and uncles birthdays were Saturday so we spent the evening hanging out with them.
I miss my friends Te(male) and Ti(female), our husband and wife combo platter. They would be our absolute best-est couple friends but they live so far away (way way west in the subs) And They only come as a pair and Te's work schedule is so horrendous right now that C will be in college before we see them regularly. I'm on the phone with Te now as I blog and he has me on hold as he talks to wifey. I haven't told them we are buying the house in the city, Ti was hoping we would more very very far into no man's land with them - alas it is not to be.
They went to a catholic wedding this weekend, I've attended a few and we have decided that catholic weddings are really pilates classes in disguise. All the kneeling and standing for both you and the wedding party!This particular wedding party featured the whole wedding party in Chuck Taylors, men in black ones, ladies in pink ones - including the bride! How cool is that! come to think of it I need to due some planning for our shindig! Will return!


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