Tuesday, April 12, 2005

happy day after....

Yesterday was my birthday. No body bought that I wanted to move it to September. It was worth a shot. It is a not so special event to me simply because both my sister and my mother have birthday's in the 5 days before mine. So by the time the birthday cake gets to me it's lost some of that special day glow. Seriously can you imagine, always having to eat at the very least four different birthday cakes before you even get to yours, not to mention my girlfriends (yes several) all have birthdays between April 3rd and April 17th. And honestly how many ways can you do cake before its just cake. Especially grocery store/Sams club/Costco cake- I mean they are limited in their options.
Besides yesterday I just didn't get the point. I really was content to just sit still. Not have to worry about planning the wedding or finding a house for us, the house for us, being the best mom, and the best wife, just able to be me for a minute. It was nice. My family scoffed at my requests for a gift that was really about me and not what they would like me to be. No clothing I wouldn't have bought for my self, no purses cause you think I should carry one. A book gift certificate, cause I miss reading. Perfume, cause I love the stuff. Tennis shoe GC cause I wear them everyday. Move Theatre GC cause I like movies, or better yet, a DVD or two, of romantic comedies, cause I hate to drag J to see them in the theatre, hate to drag anyone to see a movie, which is why I used to go alone. But nobody gets that either. I'm being redundant. I've said most of this in a previous post. I'm going to stop whining and being redundant. The word event looks repetitive doesn't it. I'm the black sheep, and I'm pretty okay with that. I like being the different one. Sue me


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