Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terry Schiavo.. I have 36 minutes to speak

The entire country is up in arms about Terry Schiavo. I have my opinions and I'm sure I will get to them, as that is the point of a blog, but I must first say I'm so sorry this whole thing has come to this. I have been watching the Schiavo situation for years literally. I came across her family's web site when I had just finish having a heated discussion with my now fiance about my life should it be found in a Broccoli like state. So unlike most of America I have followed for a little longer than most.
My opinion is that Terry Schiavo is not in a veggie state, and should be given over to her parents. Why for two reasons, if she can breathe on her own the she should not be starved to death, and if there was no written living will then refusing nourishment is not a humane way to die.
Personally I don't believe Michael Schiavo has exhausted all physical therapy options for Terry, I don't care if there is money left for him to inherit, he got enough in the judgment that went directly to him, and spent her medical funds on legal fees to win the right to terminate her life. If there is a chance, a shred of hope that she can be rehabilitated I think she should be given the chance. Michael says she doesn't move or respond to him, in a room with a man who doesn't believe in me, wants to kill me I don't think I would be too animated with him either. I don't like Michael, I just don't. He has his life and he comes off as though Terri is a burden, and as a woman and mother I can identify with her and her parents on so many levels. If I were terry I would want my parents to work with me and wish Michael the best. I am not a republican and prefer not to be thought of as a democrat. I don't agree with Bush and Congress on their interference, because I don't want government interference in these types of situations to become the norm but if I had that power I probably would have tried too. (never thought I would agree with Duba) If those tapes on her families site just show one percent of her possibilities I think she deserves that chance. But that's just me.


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