Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wedding moves forward... kinda

Alas, I have spent this day the way I long to spend the rest... making progress! gotta love that! I have found a lot of little details with the wedding, and have been able to move forward, and in wedding planning, shoot life in general, its all about moving forward.
I found the sandals I want to wear on the beach. Barefoot sandals. Jewelry for your feet. Silver and crystals all draped daintily across your ankles, a little expensive but once you get bit by this wedding bug, you'll buy anything! figured out how to get the flowers shipped to the resort and get the bouquet I want. Figured out that in the end I just want to marry him, so what ever doesn't happen as long as the I do's do, then everything went perfect. Got an apointment with the dress maker who was like "I can make your dress I don't care what size you wear," So she rocks, even if I don't have her make a dress, she made me feel better today and that's good enough. I got the details on the photographer at the resort- a little costly but that's okay.
I've decided however to just forgo the whole wedding dress fiasco and just get married, i may regret it late but I'm just not up for it anymore. So I will fins a cute outfit to marry the love of my life in and call it a day- Man NOW that's making progress!!!


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