Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why is this so important...

Schiavo Dies 13 Days After Tube Removed
48 minutes ago

U.S. National - AP
By MIKE SCHNEIDER, Associated Press Writer
PINELLAS PARK, Fla. - Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged woman who spent 15 years connected to a feeding tube in an epic legal and medical battle that went all the way to the White House and Congress, died Thursday, 13 days after the tube was removed. She was 41.

I don't know. I believe her parents should have had the chance in these last 15 years to have her thearpy applied. I don't like Michael S and I don't believe his intentions with Terry were honest and upfront. I also know that those children shot and killed on the indian reservatin deserve this type of press and mourning, I know that if this had happened in a all white school, Terry Schiavo would ahve been moved to page two. I know that human life is valuable, but somehow I don't believe the main stream media cares too much. It took Bush a week to address the reservations loss, and countless news medias have not addressed it at all.

My heart goes out to those victims, grandfather, Daryl "Dash" Lussier, 58, a veteran tribal police officer, and his grandfather's girlfriend, Michelle Sigana, 32, at their home on the reservation.
Weise then went to the school, where he shot and killed teacher Neva Winnecoup-Rogers, 62, and Derrick Brun, 28, a security guard. The first five students killed were identified as: Dwayne Lewis, 15; Chase Lussier, 15; Alicia Spike, 15; Thurlene Stillday, 15; and Chanelle Rosebear, 15.
Five victims remain hospitalized with two in critical condition. (I'm not told which two died.) Steven Cobenais, 15, took a gunshot wound to the side of his head. Jeffrey May, 15, was shot in the face and has suffered paralysis on his left side. Other hospitalized victims were identified as: Ryan Augunash, 15; Lance Crowe, 15; and Cody Thunder, 15. My heart greeves for the gunman Jeff Weise, age 16, I pray you found what you were hurting after. Terry Schiavo, I hope you can get some rest now, and console your parents. RIP and my prayers to anyone who has lost someone.


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