Thursday, April 14, 2005

Amir Sulaiman

You ever see the poet that you wish you could hear everyday, and lose them? Amir came to St Louis years ago and helped the Atlanta Team beat our slam team pretty good, (they had it coming...) but I was so broke I could buy Amir's CD as he was the heart and fire of the slam team, Georgia ME was on the team a few other poets I can't place names on were on the team, but He was FIRE. So hot. My fiance was like... whoa. But his web site was not up, and we lost contact after a while and shortly tehre after I ws on the hunt. And now after his appearence on Def Jam, that I missed ironically, I am able to find him on line - (I'll be ordering that set of CD's ASAP) and hear his thoughts on message boards and be able to hear him. Amir Sulaiman is certianlly one of my absolute favorite poets. Word are weapons when he uses them and I am glad of it. See my previous post for more on Amir.


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