Friday, April 29, 2005

is an opinion ever worth $245

Today is the day the appraiser comes to tell us whether the house we currently live in and pay way too much in rent for is going to be worth us pay almost the same amount for in mortgage payments.  
irony? anyone? anyone at all?
We are discussing the possibilities of turning it into a single family dwelling, pimping it out, making it our home instead of the apartment we live in. I wish someone had a TV show where they pimp your house the way Xzibit pimps cars. Flat touch screen T.V's every where. that could be hot... but then they could go totally the wrong way. ... Lime green walls and wine bottle label wallpaper. Hey I've seen it happen on those shows! I guess we are on our own. But that's not bad Jerry and I have pretty good taste and we aren't afraid to jack a good idea - at least in decorating. Will keep you posted!     



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's came Extreme Home Makeovers', and it airs on ABC, I believe....

I'm in line, myself

10:10 AM  
Blogger Queue said...

They only do that if your sob story is strong enough... my life has been too good... so its not happening for me.. I'm thankful for that blessing...

7:41 PM  

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