Friday, April 29, 2005

the problem with the phone company....

The problem with the phone company - out side of the obvious long list of things any one who uses our product will tell you- including me as I worked in the complaint department for three years, until this March. (Whoo hooo! freedom!!!) Anyway , the problem is that it is boring as hell and while hearing all the ways I get cursed out in any given 24 hour period in my old position might have been exciting for you all - it is not the case any more, and I work in the most boring office SBC could have ever pieced together. My job, once I complete the training that is scheduled for SEPTEMBER, will be to fix broken circuits, instead of people. Circuits don't curse, they don't yell, they don't call my mom out of her name. They don't sling racial epithets like confetti at a new years eve party, they don't hold me responsible for the bad day they were having before they got to me . They are boring as hell. My office is full of people who don't appreciate how boring our job truly is. They, while seemingly adults to my untrained eye (as at my last office,it was like being in highschool everyday) they feel stressed at the same situation that brings me joy. I wake easily daily now with none of the stress I used to carry into THE PHONE COMPANY. They complain about.... I don't really know what they complain about , the just complain and while I think it is a bit amusing - they take their stress very seriously. Have transfers in to go to the place I just left because "nothing could be as bad as we have it here" they say. I wish them well and tell the people I liked to put in their transfers - as slots will become available for them too soon. Why do I tell you this?
Because I read blogs everyday whoms daily grind is amazing. They do remarkable things every day. Doctors, law enforcement, major movie directors -actually his everyday is boring but he warned me before I started reading it, skip him there are many other people with wondrous everydays. People visiting foreign countries with their jobs, adopting children everything! People who see the beauty in things I just see regular. My everyday makes me wonder why I even blog it. I am just a mom, soon to be a wife, a friend, a sister, a niece, a daughter, a cousin, a poet. Maybe as I keep writing I will find the amazement in that. You never will however. Because the phone company sucks for excitement - it is boring as all get out and I just thought you should know.

P.S if you want to help a girl out and you have SBC service use this information to make your orders
1-800-U-ask-SBC apparently they actually work harder to take care of our friends and family and I appreciate that. You may too you but you have to have a user ID when you call. (use mine RJ2545) or contact me via e-mail and I will make sure you get a call back.


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