Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Larry confirms my parenthood, Jerry confirms my love

Larry and Bob
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This is Larry and Bob. Larry is a cucumber and Bob is clearly a tomato. They talk. Sing. Offer lovely doses of scarcasm and are morrally sound and tell great biblical stories too, although they are not just bible story tellers, which is one reason why we love them. They are Veggie Tales.

When I was pregnant I worked in the irate customer dept at the phone company once I was sure my child could hear me talking i started playing veggie tales CD's for her so she wouldn't have to hear all the crap I heard all day. She used to Kick the mess out of me to a beat when I payed this stuff. And now that she is here, her father is addicted to this stuff. He just loves the Silly songs video we got for Cammy we watched it last night... After the child was in bed. Does that say enough about our entertainment budget?

Anyone who knows Jerry knows my baby is entertaining in his natural state, and Veggie tales is truely the show his mind would have come up with if he was artisticly inclined and possibly drugged.

Part 2

Last night Jerry gave me a mothers day gift I was not expecting - He bought me the Pentax *ist Ds I've been drooling over. I was STUNNED- he got me this good when he proposed (if you ask I'll tell that story too) We soo shouldn't be spending this money but he said it was an investment and it was important and I COULD NOT return it. So I'm keeping it. He must really like me. That's all I keep thinking. He even made me cry. (That was a good thing)

Why did I say he must like me? Alot of people fall in love but how many people know if they really like their chosen mate? Enjoy spending mundane time with them? I like going to the hardware store. I had fun watching childrens videos with him. I could just sit with him anywhere and be content, if not having a blast. I like him as a human being, as a person, a man. And I think he likes me too.


Blogger Jen_Jake'smom said...

I'm addicted to Veggie tales, too! I started buying the tapes in college (before I had a DVD player . . .) I really pushed my son to like them, and it took until he was past two to jump on board! but he loves them now. I love that they make me laugh and that they put in jokes for grown-ups to get.

congrats on the new camera!!!


9:10 AM  
Blogger Accidental Poet said...

psst. Consider yourself tagged.


ps If my lips ever left my mouth, packed their bags and headed south ...

12:24 PM  

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