Friday, May 06, 2005

100 things about me (My attempt at self knowledge)

I saw a blog were a woman listed 100 things about her self... I don't believe I know a hundred things about my self but I'm going to try we'll see how close I get...
1. I'm tall-5'7 1/2", but let's call it 5'7", Jerry's not 5'11 so we have to pad his height where ever we can .
2. I need to get a hair do i can live with but right now the one I want costs $400, can you say not today?!?!
3. I don't take nearly the care I should with my hair i.e with myself - but I'm trying now and that's all I have to say about that .
4. Food is very important to me-the flavors, the textures, the colors, the combinations,the process of making it, the faces of my test subjects, sauces and batters and glazes and shapes and smells.
5. Love words. Learning how to use them effectively, need to go to school.
6. Have T.V and pay for cable when I spend way more time on the internet, go figure.
7. I have a thing for expensive anything, but I'm responsible so I don't indulge that thing often.
8. I have one child.
9. I am engaged.
10. I grew up in St. louis MO, in a neighborhood that has the same people in it when we lived there. No one has moved and the children still live with their parents -scary.
11. My childhood was very cool, (can YOU fit 13 kids on one 10-speed and a skateboard for downhill bobslead like olympics?)
12. When I was 10 I threw a boomerang a zillion and one times, that one time it finally came back and clocked me in the forehead, 8 stiches later I was trying again.
13. When I was 10 my dog ate my brothers arm and my dad got rid of him while I ws napping in his dog house trying to keep them from giving him away. He lived for a long time at a house in the city I found out way later.
14. I have no tollerence for stupid people or dogs.
15. I own a stupid dog now and it is driving me crazy.
16. I played JV basket ball and a year of varsity but I wasn't big enough or small enough to start.
17. I just wanted to play with the guys after practice anyway.
18. I don't cry often.
19. My fiance hates #18.
20. W have 2 cats: Tsunami and Butters (Mother and daughter...daughter is anti social -figures) . Tsunami is great with our baby so i have no complaints about her, except when Jerry's petting her and she looks at me like he's MY human (imagine cat tounge sticking out and blowing a rasberry). We also have before mentioned stupid dog Nyla the Destroyer. She's not really stupid, she just chews everything related to the baby or me if she's mad that we aren't paying enough attention to her.
21. My granny wants to give the baby a dog.
22. I make amazing soups of all kinds - tops are butternut squash (fall only) Chicken soups (dumplings as well) Beef stew, and pot pies.
23. I can put my tummy under my jean waist. Thank you holidays.
24. I swear I'm gonna start working out as soon as.....
25. I'm addicted to girl stuff...But I don't buy it cause I'm responsible.
26. I want bluetooth stuff for my house phone.
27. I love dsl. I can surf and chat at the same time, but I'm biased I work for the phone company, and helped launch the product.
28. I suck at math-and consequently at money. Maybe they aren't related and I just suck at both independently.
29. I have no credit card debt left since. I settled all of my credit cards for 50%, busting my ass waiting tables. My credit still sucks but I'm trying to but a house anyway.
30. I used to work as a photographer in college for one of those party picture studios. yes I was a party pic chick. Every weekend I watched druck white college kids get plastered and throw them selves in front of my camera and ultimately destroy any hopes of having a career in politics. Espeically that one kid in the trough of beer.
32. I lived in Columbia MO during college and and glad I don't anywomre
33. I make an incredible (fill in the blank) and I can back up this statement too.
34. I breastfeed my daughter for 5 months and she got teeth and weaned her self, proving to me she and I will be close becasue I'm so grateful she never bit me.
35. I love Baklava.
36. I've misssed having a garden. I plant herbs evey year and I love it. We have fresh everything untill November.
37. I'm terrified of heights but I fly, climb, jump, do anything associated with trying to get over it, I hate being afriad more than I hate heights
38. I have a pretty good relationship with my mother and can speak my truth to her most of the time.
39. My father is my light and I am a daddy's girl, I fight my sister for the spot of top daughter, but I think I have it hands down...
40. I don't like massages and stuff. ButI love to be touched -if I like you. I'm working on that too 41. If you ask me I'll tell you, but don't ask- I need to keep the friends I've got.
42. I am a writer. ( that one was a freebie -I'm reaching now I know).
43. When I do find the time I have a zillion things to do!
44. The one thing I always wanted to do with my life was to teach. I'm going to school in January. (thanks Taylor Mali -butI'm not telling him until I enroll).
45. I don't drink enough water period.
46. I probably don't eat enough junk food to justify my weight. I just don't like it.
47. Okay, I love ice cream so never mind number 46.
48. I love rain, and rainly days when I'm home .
49. I don't own sex toys, though I'm not opposed to the idea.
50. Kissing rules.
51. Kissing someone I love is even better.
52. I take a lot of baths recently, and someday soon hope to have a monster tub that Jerry and I can fit into. (Hey it could happen)
53. Care to dance? I do in a kinda I love to dance with Jerry kinda way.
54. I don't get rap music. I'm very sick of women being reduced to video props... Hip hop is still good with me though
55. My favorite candies: Haribo brand sour gummy bears and Chicago Style popcorn
56. I'd like to run the country for 60 days with the promise the next pres won't undo what I've done, and congress and the senate have to go my way.
57. I have a mouth full of fillings, and I'm losing teeth left and right.
58. I've never broken a bone, my head is too hard to break and that's where I take most blows.
59. I'm a better mommy than I thought I'd be - according to my fiance and family - when Cammy can talk I'll ask her opinion
60. Childbirth was not what I expected it lasted way too long. My fiance wants two more - I have to forget a little more of that whole process before he'll get two more.
61. I'm good with planning its the follow through that gets me every time
62. I wish I could sing well. I can't.
63. I'm 28.
64. I'm always waiting for something to happen.
65. I'm learning how to make things happen.
66. I love really hard all the time.
67. Wow. I'm up to 67.
68. #66 used to get me hurt alot but I'm much better at loving with out expectations now.
69. I have a hard time telling everything that's true for me to the people I love, particularly the man, for the irrational fear of being annihilated.
70. I can't spell.
71. I never exercise anymore and I miss it.
72. I can't seem to get myself off of that cross of motherhood.
73. I worry that this makes me a less than stellar wife and individual, but a great mom.
74. I think it's important that my mother had me when she was 17.
75. I had my daughter when I was 27.
76. Age does not maturity make, parenthood does.
77. I can still tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
78. I can't be political. That's Jerry - My politics are way too simple and black and white- I don't tread well in the grey.
79. I failed macro economics twice in college, and that convinced me to contiue to avoid math classes, I have still never taken one in college.
80. I always feel guilty about something - even if I didn't do anything
81.My daughter is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
82. It amazes me when people say she looks like me
83. I have more in common with the original poster of this blog idea than I really thought.
84. I have more in common with more people who I get to know than I would have ever thought 85. I like to paint - but I don't anymore cause I don't have time
86. I can draw -but I don't anymore... see 85
87. I read a book a day when I read. in high school I did this everyday.
88. I've never read the whole bible book to book but I've tried. Never get past Genisis.
87. I tried to read the dictionary - didn't get past E
89. I love fish, cooked and in aquariums
90. Most common typo Teh (the), and Adn (and)
91. Rather than say I simply didn't like or didn't want something - I would tell people I was allergic i.e I didn't like chocolate and it gave me little bumps when I ate it which I'm sure now was more mental than not so I told every body who asked why I didn't want any I was allergic.
92. by 1999, I got a spine and learned how to express myself.
93. Never live with a man you don't love
94.I wasn't much of a dater until after college.. and I went on a binge and serial dated for six months -JUST DATING NO SEX
95. I'm funny in a not funny way
97. my sister is my best friend
98. my brother is my bestest bud and I think my daughters favorite uncle -offical or unoffical
99.My Grandmother is teaching me so many things right now and I am glad to learn them
100. I love my Future husband and have since before we met

Okay I got to100... took me too many days and I'm gonna keep going on another post..


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