Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The interview answers

MoBrowne sent me some interview questions I posted the answers here too..

1) if you could come back in a different era, when and why?

I would come back at the beginning of the civil rights movement so maybe I could learn better about the struggle, understand the motivation better. Figure out why the leaders were so much stronger louder and more visible than the black leaders we have now. I would love to be strong enough to say comeback into the slavery era but I know I am not that strong. I read slave narratives when I think I may have forgotten what I can never really know.
2) the worst poem you ever read/heard & why?

That's a trick question - there is this spoken word artist on our scene name Paid tha Paid. He is so bad - he had a really good moment every once in a blue moon but for the most part its just bad poetry. But he loves it so much, works so hard at it, that I have to admire that, even when the poems suck.

3) top 3 rules you want your daughter to abide by?

a.Always love yourself as hard and as strong as you love anyone else.
b. Face your fears, they may not go away but you can win daily battles with them.
c.live by your rules - not anyone else’s (except maybe these from mommy)

4) what are the best and worst things about St. Louis?
BEST - St Louis is a diverse city. That's its best feature. My daughter has people of all colors and nationalities who love her and look out for her. She has eaten more types of food in her 11 months than I had before I went to college. She is exposed to Poets, business people, teachers, every type of person and I think that is the best thing st Louis has for our family.

WORST - the segregation of the city. THE same diversity that I applaud in the above post is only apparent if you seek it. My fiancée and I have a diverse group of friends, and we live in a very diverse area, but these are few and far between. There is the Italian neighborhood, the Bosnian neighborhood, the African neighborhood, African American, rich white neighborhoods poor white areas, Everything is so sectioned.

5) do you believe in the death penalty?
I understand why people do, I can sympathize, and know if some one was to harm my child I would want their life. But it is not my place to take it, to even ask for it. People have told me I must because I am pro choice, but what I believe is right for all of society may not be what is right for me. So no. Judgment is not mine to make. I have my place and I try hard not know where that is, even when tested


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