Monday, August 28, 2006

A weekend close to full…

Friday, we were running late, that being the case, I got a day off rather than take a attendance hit at the job. Hated to do it, but it happens. So I spent the morning at Barnes and Nobel drooling over cookbooks and making notes for my bakery menu.  There was a story time that made my heart ache that I didn’t have Cammy with me. I got up three different times to go and get her, but
  1. I never would have made it back before the story time was over,

  2. I never take time just for me, so I did.
You would not believe the guilt you can feel just by not having you kid available for a story time you didn’t know about.
Any who I got Jerry from work early and we went to Home Depot with Spoken, who also got her couch today at her new apartment, and picked the paint for Cammy’s new room upstairs, looked at cabinets and hardwood floors. You know the best part of this whole home project, I think, it’s working with Jerry. The best part of my day was spending that few hours with him, being a silly married couple.
Then we went to the check out a bakery supply store I have heard good things about, they gave me a recipe for edible fondant, and I bought some pastry tips and icing colorings. We went to a few home stores, and had a pretty nice day before we went to pick up Cammy. Then we went to the science center. And Oh. My. God. It was so good to watch Jerry turn into a kid with Cammy, they just ran and ran and ran all over the place. She has a complete ball and so did he.

Pictures forth coming.

My Saturday was involved. J’s cousin who hangs out a lot, was with out A/C so she hung with us. Although she probably would have been there if her air was working. I like having a girl friend, and Jerry like having some family of his own so it works out.
Anywho we went to visit my dad, and yank his miter saw, a crow bar, some saw horses, a sander, and a stud finder. That’s right baby I’m about to go Bob Vila on your arses!!
He also gave me his target card to go get Cammy some new stuff, which I did happily. We got the letters we had been trying to get our hands on, as well as the music instruments and two Ryan’s room toys (thanks Chelle for the heads up) the little people preschool play set, it was like Christmas in August. My dad is the total coolest. WE stopped by barnes and Nobel and this time Cammy was there we played with Thomas the tank engine, for a while, she is really into those, I am currently hunting up some used ones. Gonna start making my rounds at garage sales and see what I can make happen. Then we went home and got to work – on dinner.
Jerry and I decided that this was experiment Saturday and we made Won tons, and won ton soup. Man it was SO GOOD. This was mostly my husband as I played the role of sus chef and helped him chop, slice and dice.
Played Uno, with my zany friends again until the wee hours of the morning. Sunday morning we made a fruitless attempt to pick up the stove then had a little lunch and I baked some cupcakes. Not bad – not great but not bad. I gotta practice. I also got going on the painting in Cammy’s new room upstairs. I got the pink on the wall with no problems, washed the base boards, putty’d the holes from nails , patched the giant holes from the door knobs and took a look at all the things I’m sure we are gonna have to work on. While I was painting, Jerry decided he was gonna swing that sledge hammer I picked up a few weeks back, and decided to see what was behind that wall. And what mind you was back there?


Just plain old, naked brick. Not a frame, not a insulated anything, just a lot of bricks. Somebody slapped some mortar on it and then some plaster over that. So now I’m thinking, we should leave the brick exposed, cause I like exposed brick, always wanted to have some in my bed room, and now I have the opportunity, ironically at a cost of WAY LESS THAN EVERY BODY WAS TRYING TO CHARGE US. Shoot, lets break down the cost.
Sledgehammer – 30.00 - I got the one with the fiber glass handle.  
Indoor Satin polyurethane –  at most 39.00 per gallon may need three to five gallons
Paint gun rental 75.00
Paint for walls – 100.00
Total = 322.00 best case 400.00 worst case.

Vs. minimum quote per contractor – 600.00 plus supplies
And maximum quote – 5000.00 total job cost including labor. I almost laughed when they gave me that one.  

Yeah, I’m lovin exposed brick.
Yeah it’s a little crumbly, and it needs some work, but I think it has character.

Anywho, I may most again later… maybe not.


Blogger CousinSarah said...

well you all are just the fix it family right about now huh?

No kidding, I hate being somewhere where I am like OH MY GOD J WOULD LOVE THIS and not have him with me.

Once your a mom, its the forethought of everything right? :)

8:07 PM  
Anonymous chelle said...

How is Cammy liking the Ryan's Room stuff? Becca loves her fire engine!!

Ooo how exciting that there is brick! I agree it would be cozy to have!!

i would have had guilt at story time too, but to have alone time in a bookstore would be priceless!

8:41 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

(a) Hot damn on the alone time!

(b) I would like your dad to adopt me, pretty please.

(c) Brick!!

12:03 AM  
Blogger Enlightened ONE said...

reading your blog er mornin over a cup of jo is wonderful. i miss you guys and i know i always say that. but i do. i have home projects going on to. the same ones you have sounds like. I would have loved to have gone paint shopping. but we have done that already.(several times throughout the year)now if i could find the time to actually put it on the wall and do the work that would be progress. wish i had a jerry around. oh well.

My schedule is Mon and Wed gone from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

thursday bible study so guess what gone again same times.

tues and friday look available in eve but mostly recouping from mon and wed. so that leaves me with sat and sunday to be lazy. I have manage to do this pretty well. But I really would like to spend time with you guys. I miss spoken and rocky. But especially you all. Your my ideal couple.

you have to stop by to see the projects we have been doing for about a year now on the house. jeez. did i say a year. anywho. my friend nicole loves uno. so maybe we will randomly stop by and get a card game in. Wouldnt you know it. I absolutely love exposed brick to.

(considering this is the most I have ever type online, I must miss ya)
I love your life. It has so much character.

8:31 AM  

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