Thursday, August 31, 2006

So I never felt this way about lovin...

No reason for the Brian McKnight reference, Jerry mentioned the song this morning and now I can’t shake it.

So I got my first issue of This Old house via the mail today. I watch that show a lot, TOH as it is commonly referred to by people who watch it a lot, is right up our alley, because our house is certainly old.  I also upgraded our cable a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of getting the DIY channel and the Fine Living channel, since I plan on doing both I figured it was an investment and I have learned a lot about what I can expect in the renovations of our home.
One of the shows I watch a lot is the DIY rescue show and the guy who hosts that has a blog and he answers questions. And it is so cool, cause he, or somebody, really answers them. And it really helps. They give thoughtful complete answers. And that rocks.
My vacation starts tomorrow at five p.m. sharp. Thus I plan on going totally Bob Vila all up in that piece.

I told my friend I really didn’t think it was gonna work out, him staying with us, and I will give him my final no today. I tried to change our mind, but its not the right thing for us at this time. Honestly it really has very little to do with him. But people never believe you when you say that. It almost feels like a break up, he came by last night to pick up something he left at the house and he was very ‘you kicked my dog’ sad, mumbled and left with out a good bye.
Sometimes it makes me wonder what kind of friend would let you risk your marriage to get them out of a tight spot.  I know they don’t do that intentionally, but they don’t not do it when it starts to happen either.
It also made me realize Jerry and I have a very strong solid relationship, but every boat rocks, and we must put on a pretty good front cause I got the distinct feeling he didn’t believe me when I said we need to work on us. Why does it matter what he thinks or thought? It doesn’t, but it is really fascinating how easily people get to a “the grass is greener” mentality. For me my grass is emerald green and it can’t get any greener some where else. We make enough fertilizer during the rainy season that the fading spots don’t stay that way for long, and we get more than enough sunshine to keep it growing well and looking good. If I had to relate relationships to gardening, we’d be that lady who spent as much of her time out in her garden as she could. So much so that people wonder if she neglecting the cat.

Anywho going to pickup that paint sprayer today, and I was thinking I wonder if my hubby would let me do some graffiti on that brick wall… what do you say sexy?


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