Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Its been a hard day and night

This weekend was – lets say different. Jerry’s Sister made the trip from NYC to St. Louis by car, that over heated most of the way here. So we spent most of the morning Saturday worried about whether or not the car would actually make it to St. Louis. I won baseball tickets and they missed the game - the drive from NYC is normally 15 hours or so, it took them twenty four. But we sat in the HOT ARSED new stadium and I got to take a few good shots of Albert Pujols batting. We missed the India Arie Concert. I was bummed about that but what can you do, I didn’t want to leave the kid with the passed out daddy, he never would have woken up if she had awakened first.
His sister finally got to his moms house on Saturday night, and we went over to see her, his mom and his nephew, and his sisters, ex but not really friend Keith. We tried to head to the concert but that didn’t happen, so we took the nephew to give the sister time with their mom.
Funny, she really is a lot like me, his sister, and then at the same time, not so much. I can tell she is fiercely loyal. She didn’t exactly know what to think about Jerry and their moms relationship, and she thinks she “knows” but she doesn’t really. How can anyone know something, they don't know or understand? She thinks she understands Jerry’s dad, and she doesn’t at all, or Jerry for that matter. She has a good heart though, and she’s like me in that once she decides a course of action is to be taken she’s all over it. I admire that. She is awesome though and I am truly glad I finally met somebody in his family who actually comes off as someone he is related to not just someone he is related to, did that make sense?
Jerry can be very hard on himself, and in a lot of ways when it comes to these relationships he has had to face this weekend, I think he’s still has a very confused little boy trying to understand things that have nothing to do with him, yet effect everything about who he is, and the wonderful man he has become is trying to find his footing. He wants to be everything everybody wants from him, and I just want him to be happy with the choices he makes everyday, because he should be. He’s an honorable man. I stand beside him gladly and walk with him because I know he chooses the right thing for our family and always will.
We did get to spend a lot of time with Jerry’s nephew, it was different to hear somebody call me Aunt Raquita. He’s a terrific sweet kid, so totally unlike Jerry. Total opposite. He’s very quiet and reserved. Very observant and smart, just not very vocal. Quite happy to play psp or xbox 360 until his fingers cramp. Great with Cammy. They had a ball playing together. We are gonna do everything we can to get him back to visit for a week in the summer – hopefully coordinate the visit with my other nephew who is supposed to be coming from the same region around the same time. Which would give us a built in playmate and vice versa. My sister called to give me some young boy tips, like feed him even if he says he’s not hungry, and lo and behold the boy ate – at least a good portion of his breakfast. She’s gonna be my source for boy parenting, fo’sho. We took him to Dave and Busters on Monday before they left, which was fun. We had lunch and he’s the ticket type of kid, you know win the tickets buy a prize. And I never would have pegged him for that type. Apparently he’s very competitive. He told me he wanted to try this claw prize thingy with all manner of fake “bling” in it cause –“I really need to get some bling Auntie.” He said that with totally seriousness, I told him we may be able to look into some minor bling for Christmas. Cammy was totally into all the riding video games, although ChuckECheese maybe more her speed, she was still delighted by all the lights and stuff. She likes to win the tickets too. We did the peach picking thing and he got to piggy back on Jerry and Cammy really go into the hwole spirit of the event.
The whole point in their visit was this birthday dinner for Jerry’s eighty year old grandmother Tootie which was Sunday night, we forgot the camera, so we missed the opportunity to get pictures of people we may very well never see again, although we did get telephone numbers to a lot of great people, and I am rally looking forward to building some of those relationships up. His family is totally wonderful, and I loved all of the characters. They made my family look like they weren’t quite as rare in their wonder as I may have previously thought. They have genuinely good, good people. And BEAUTIFUL children, I see why Cammy is so cute.
All in all it was a hard day and night, and its taken me this long to get around to blogging about it. You don’t even want to know what happened with my Tuesday, lets just say I hate the insurance industry.


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