Thursday, June 02, 2005

International inlaw-inlaws

Marry American. That's one thing I never thought about as an option. While I find Accents sexy, finding a foreign man I could get along with enough not to kill over basic rituals we take for granted in our everday life seemed way more difficult than teaching Jay how to talk with an accent. My sister however, has excercised her option to - not marry American. I'm not sure if his accent was a factor. And my current headache, the first of many which she and I will share I'm sure as married sisters, are my sisters in-laws. her mother and sister in laws respectively, and mind you my brother in law. We'll call him Peet. Why? Becasue he is not aware that I blog my whole life and may be less than pleased should he ever google his name and find this post. Peet is a good guy. He makes my sister happy - 92% of the time - which is great! I gave him his fair amount of Sh$!* in the beginning but I think he's a great addition to our family. He gives us flavor, most days he scares Cammy but she decided she liked him last weekend, and who can argue with that?

What is my delimma? Well his family live in a third world country you can't just buy a ticket and travel. You have to go through all sorts of beaurocratic red tape to get out of the country, and my brother in law is apparently a procrastinator. Why is this affecting me? Because all the work I have done to get my whole family in one place is about to go up in smoke.

My brother in law thought this would be a great opportunity to have his family meet our family. It is much easier to fly them to another "not US country" than it is to fly them to St. Louis MO USA for their (my sister and brother in law's) wedding in Nov. I agree that would be great, we love meeting people, all the better if meeting strangers has a purpose for us. Alas it is too late. Apparently as I understand it the paper work for thier travel has just been completed but the resort is booked. While all of my family and Jerry's friends have booked confirmed and paid in full, my in-law in laws have not. So they just can't come we'll meet you on another occasion, right? Nope. Peet is completely gung ho that they come, and they bought plane tickets yesterday. WHAT?!?! Why would you buy plane tickets and not buy your hotel at the same time? and I can understand how he feels- he rarely sees his mother and sister - but does it have to be at my weddings expense? Does my sister have to be removed from my event? She's my maid of honor, my honest to goodness best friend and MY SISTER for crying out loud! To get them there they will have to stay at a seperate resort but, (you know you can see this coming) Peet's not gonna want them to stay at a seperate resort alone so he and my sister will have to stay with them, or the inlaws will stay at the resort with us and my sister will stay somewhere else. Neither situation will sit pretty with me. I've been pulling and pecking, offering to pay for deposits and secure rooms since the very begining to make sure this very event did not happen. So much for pre planning.
Why didn't I reserve the extra room I thought about so many times? why didn't Peet and sister reserve the room for the inlaws when they reserved there own? Why is this happening? why does the sun not set in the east? Who the frick knows. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous Copasetic Soul said...

whoooooo-saaaaaaaaa. nough said!

6:06 AM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

THANKS SO MUCH! I am very excited about hearing so much going on in St Louis. It is awesome that you are working to do what you can to improve it. It shows heart and commitment which is always the beginnings of change. The online magazine sounds AMAZING. I would love to hear what you are thinking, help out if needed. I cannot say I am overly surprised about the color line, one of the things I thought I would get moving to Texas was a more diverse open atmosphere because there were physically just more kinds of people. And in Austin, that is more the case but overall, the stuff is just more COVERT here where in STL, it is OVERT. Both have their pros and cons. In the predominatly Black venues, do white folks ever come to spit? If so, how is the reaction?
I am in education sort of. I got my BS and MA in African American and Women's Historical Studies, BUT I work as a Residence Hall Director on a college campus. I have a lot of supervision and training experience and have done a lot of diveristy work and programming. I just recently applied for a Resident Facility Director position with the Boys and Girls Town in St Louis. I really want that position. It is working with young men who live in a home who have had to be removed from their homes for whatever reason, thier actions, thier parents actions, but it would be rewarding to be part of that development for them, to be a stable person that helps them learn how to move to the next stages of thier lives. So I am really hoping for that. I appreciate any look out for openings. I have myself on the job search site throught the Post Dispatch.
I noticed it said you were a native...where did you go to High School? Where are you working? When I left, I never thought I would miss it as much as I do, but I LOVE the Lou. :) It is great to have met ya! I have someone to reminese with who will know where I am talkin about! Like, I miss listening to the live jazz outside the red sea during the summer. And the reggae inside. :)
Take care!

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Blu said...

one, two....BREATHE

one, two....BREATHE

Girl you know it's gonna all be alright.

2:12 PM  

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