Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Painting, sanding, closing and other holiday mishaps

Well I am sitting in the real estate office about to close on our home/investment property. This has been quite the...experience My mother has warped into GiGi in her cool new wig - (I'll post pics forth coming) and the weekend went much without event. The tuckpointing guy didn't show up... twice... the electrician didn't do all the work we wanted - ran out of time - still got paid the same..figures. Don't know when the plumber is gonna show, but we've budgeted his money into close. Daddy came by and showed Jerry the fine art of spackling and sanding. So the hall way will get painted. We fixed the screen, and when I say we I mean Jerry. He imerged as Wonder Hubby - able to fix all his pre-wifes meltdowns before they even occur. Able to juggle a manic mother-in-law, a grandmother who knows everything and a wife who's bouncing off of walls with one infant on hip! Randomly I post reasons why I love that man - closing this house provided me with like a hundred. Makes me want to do sexy things for him - like laundry.
Am I turning you on baby? Yeah I thought so - gimmie that downy!!! YEAH BABY!!!


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